How to Install Wordpress Theme via Ftp

This is how to install Wordpress theme over ftp

Use the WordPress Dashboard Topic Search to install WordPress Theme. We' ve used Exposure as an example, but the installation process is exactly the same for all our WordPress themes based on the Unyson framework. Installation of the theme (FTP installation) Novice Novice Novice's installation of your topic (FTP installation) requires no previous experience in a particular web development application. We' ve used the Exposure as an example, but the installation procedure is exactly the same for all our WordPress topics based on the Unyson framework. It is imperative to enable the topic Children and not Parents.

Installation of the Unyson plug-in. The design is based on the Unyson Framework, so this plug-in is necessary so that you can take advantage of all the features we have integrated into the design. Now you can easily customize the demonstration by importing the demonstration contents to make your website look exactly like our demonstration previews. designs only work for self-hosted members because does not work with premier topics.

Read more about self-hosted WordPress ( and in this post.

Documentation - Installation via FTP

For the WordPress Theme Zeitung the installer must be installed on your computer using See the following chapters for each methodology and our Install News Paper Theme Install Videosutorial. Stage 1 - Get the news from your ThemeForest area. Browse to your Downloads page on ThemeForest and search for Newspapers. Press the Start menu and click the Start menu button.

Stage 2 - Unzip the Newspaper-tf file on your computer. Once you have extracted a file, open the Newspaper-tf directory, where you will find additional directories (child theme, doc, license, plugins, PSD). Stage 3 - Locate the file in the Newspaper-tf directory (this is the theme you want to install).

Stage 1 - Log in to your FTP server to connect to your web hosting service. Stage 2 - Locate the Newspaper. zip on your computer (in the Newspaper-tf folder) and extract it. Stage 3 - Load the Newspaper directory into the wp-content/themes/ folder directory. 4 - Activate the reinstalled theme by going to Appearance > Themes and click the Activate icon.

Stage 5 - After activating Fresspaper, you will receive a notice to enable the necessary plug-ins in the Plug-ins section of your dashboard. Requires you to have the plug-in running. Stage 6 - Click the Install button on each plug-in to begin the installation. Once you've finished the installation, enable it.

Necessary plugins: Optionally Plugins: Recomended plugins:

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