How to Install Wordpress through Ftp

Installing Wordpress through ftp

Then you can follow the instructions and install your Wordpress. Can I install Wordpress with FTP access only? Hello @Aji Wibowo, If you go to Wordpress. org, you can get the latest release of Wordpress. WordPress needs a MySQL data base.

Therefore, you need permission to open a data base before you can install Wordpress. Well, if you already have the information in the data base, then yes, it's possible. Like @Alexander Rohmann said absolutely right, if you only have FTP connection, you can't install Wordpress.

They also need you to have full control over your Plesk or Panels. You will find the section Databases there and can set up a new one. Then you can install your Wordpress by following the directions. When your host using your accounting system uses WordPress you can use the FTP information you have received to connect to the WordPress server - which you need to build a WordPress data base.

Simply append /cpanel to the end of the domainname and if you get a logon page - use the username and password - this should bring you in. Let them build a database and give you the username, hosting and name. You will see a phone book icon in the install directory.

This is a MySQL bridging used in the extended connectivity features. When you have a registered users and exist, you can do the remaining with NaviCat. Just received my login name. It is confirmed, I get only hostname, login and passphrase. I' ve been trying to find out if there's a panel or not, and there's no panel.

Hello @Aji Wibowo, Then welcome to the site management! Best of luck to get the site properly set up :slight_smile: It' s ssh/sftp account. The guy on the servers answers and enters the key. Hello @Aji Wibowo, It refers to managing your servers through an HTTP connection. You will only run this particular clients even after you run the command mysql to log into the data base.

You have to build the data base from there. If you are having your first web hostin' adventure, I would suggest that you choose something where you have cPanel in. You could also see if the administrator would help you get things done by simply building this for you. You can then type the user name, passphrase, and databank name during the Wordpress install.

Aji Wibowo, I can build the data base via SSH for you if you are not familiar with the commandline (I am administrator of Windows Sys). You know what kind of Linux is on your host? All you have to do is modify the default IP address once the work is complete. Hello @Aji Wibowo, Thanks Laurent for the support!

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