How to Install Wordpress using Ftp

Installing Wordpress with ftp

Installing Wordpress with Filezilla One of the many remarkable characteristics of Wordpress is its easy setup. A lot of web host organizations provide an automated one-click install. For those who need to install it themselves, the following requirements are met to successfully install Wordpress CMS on your webservers.

  • The latest Wordpress release that you can get here. The FTP and database information is available in your Control Panel or cPanel. You have a subdirectory on the right, your subdirectory on the right and your subdirectory on the right. Or you can go to your web host to make sure you have the right data.

Find your Wordpress file and double-click it. Wordpress folders are loaded out of the locale and into the root of the Wordpress file. Now you have your data available on the servers. Next thing you should do to finish the install procedure is configuring your Wordpress website detail.

You should see a Wordpress install page. Simply fill in the boxes with the right information and then click "Install Wordpress" to complete the installer.

Installing a WordPress plug-in via FTP

You will be guided through the manual installation of a WordPress plug-in zipped by FTP. Stage 1: Unzip the WordPress plug-in zipped files into a directory on your computer. Stage 2: Using your FTP client, copy the Plug-in extraction directory to the wp-content/plugins directory on your WordPress FTP client.

When extracting a zipped archive, some Unizip programs may append a superior directory outside the plug-in directory. Make sure you have added the plug-in directory, not this one. Stage 3: Login to your WordPress client, select Plugins -> Installed Plugins, select the plug-in from the drop-down box and click Enable to use it.

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