How to Install Wordpress Video

Installing Wordpress Video

Find out how to install WordPress in five minutes or less. In this tutorial we will cover several different methods. Take a look at our tutorial on how to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Installing WordPress - Video Tutor

Check out this full video tour, plus nine more! Set up WordPress and begin today to build your website with ten of our most beloved video Tutorials. The following step-by-step guide shows you how to install WordPress on your web hostinglist. The WordPress is known for its fabulous five-minute install. WordPress can be up and run in significantly less than five seconds, if at all.

Each web host is just a little different, so this screenscast shows a few different ways to install WordPress: via the web host's web server controls pane (I will show you both DreamHost and cPanel) and the manually installed installer. It will also help you determine which installer is best for your particular hosted environment.

Most of the time you can install WordPress with a single click (highly recommended). When you need to manually install, be sure to follow these steps before starting: This is a web host for your WordPress website. Get your web host controls panels.

WorldPress - Downloads A FTP client to upload WordPress to your webhost. The FTP logon information for your web host logon area. Without these, you cannot establish an FTP link to your FTP client. the MySQL logon information. You need this to build the base that WordPress uses to save your contents.

Write down the WordPress user name and passcode you select during setup. This is your WordPress log-in. They need it to begin to build your website. And if so, if this looks scary, try the one-click install first. Everything is also dealt with here in this brief video. When you need more help with WordPress, be sure to sign up for our free WordPress Quick Launch Course.

Install Video - WordPress yourself ("FREE")

When you have chosen your schedule, view the video below and see how easily it is to install WordPress by just click on the installation button as shown in the figure below after you have logged in to your virtual machine port. This video offers novices a very basic step-by-step tutorial for buying a web account with cPanel, adding a new domainname or an already created one and installing WordPress.

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