How to Install X Theme

To install the X theme

As soon as you have selected a new design for your Magento shop and downloaded the installation package, you must log in to the Magento administration area. You are not sure how to change the look of your Magento shop? Learn how to install and activate Magento themes.

OpeningCart 2/3.x. How to install a design over the shop (with the "update" package)

OpenCart artwork is one of the best things about OpenCart is that it can really be deployed with just a few mouse clicks. OpenCart artwork can be created and distributed in a few simple steps. Featuring a full-package archives that contains motor file, artwork itself, all necessary enhancements and example artwork, it's as simple as ABC! to create a website that looks and works just like our online demonstration!

Fullpackage' is a great tool for helping you install a pattern from the ground up, but it can be a breeze to install it on an already installed website using an'update' pack. The Update archives are mainly used when you already have a website and want to create a new look and feel without loosing your product or user -defined preferences.

You will find all necessary data for the install in the theme of your templates pack. First, you need to download the theme upgrade pack itself. If you open your website file via FTP or your webmaster, please load themeXXX (update).zip into the OpenCart main file and extract it there. To open the refresh port, simply append /install to your website URL and click the Proceed icon at the bottom of the page.

Next stage is the setup of enhancements. You can do this via the OpenCart administration console. You will find all the enhancements needed to work correctly with the theme in the themeXXX (extensions).zip file of your theme pack, unpack it before working with the enhancements. As with all other OpenCart enhancements, you must individually up-load each of the extracts from this file under Enhancements -> Installer on your administrator console.

As soon as all enhancements are loaded, don't forgive activating them on the Enhancements -> Changes page and click the Update icon in the upper right hand corner. Here you can update your settings. Ready, the pattern is ready!

Installing Magento 1.x Themes

As soon as you have selected a new design for your Magento shop and download the setup pack, you must login to the Magento administration area. Go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. The Magento Connect Manager will open, from where you can install your new design.

Click the Browse pushbutton in the section entitled Directory packages and browse to the installer for the theme you just download from the theme provider. Then, you must click the Submit icon to submit the setup pack to the servers. Your new design will be instantly reinstalled.

As soon as the theme is already registered, go back to the Magento admin area and open System -> Config -> Design -> Themes. Type the name of the topic in the Default box and click the Save Config icon. Your Magento memory should now begin to use the new design.

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