How to Install your Wordpress Theme

To install your Wordpress theme

Now if you don't have a website with WordPress yet, it's time to do it. You can upload your theme via WordPress (works for both free and premium themes). There are 3 ways to install your Wordpress theme

You have 3 major ways to install your design. Search the WordPress directory for topics. Please click on Install to get the design. Be sure to enable the design to use it. If you buy your Topic outside WordPress (e.g. Themeforest), you will be provided with a downloadable version of the Topic as a zipped document.

Be sure to upload the zipped version before getting into the upload process. Frequently (not always) the Topic offers a single zipped archive consisting of several other archives. Following picture shows my unpacked download zipped-version. Be sure to select the right zipped archive - in my case

Be sure to enable the design to use it. If the theme files are too large (as in my case), the upload of the plug-in to WordPress may not work. The last one is a little out of the way as it will require you to sign in to your web host's website, but once you do, you will keep track of it.

I use Bluehost for my web hosting needs, and after I logged into the web hosting controls pane, I went to my web host and pressed my mouse on FileMaker Manager. Browse to the right directory - public_html > wp-content > themes. See the following section. After that I added the topic's zipped-document. As soon as the zipped files were properly loaded, I pulled the files.

Be sure to enable the design in the WordPress Administrator. When your design is up and running, it's your turn to change the look and feel of your website and its content. When you want to create your WordPress website or your blogs, you can do these step-by-step details here.

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Installing a theme in your WordPress Blog

Topics allow you to comprehensively tailor your WordPress blogs. Virtually every blogger has their own theme. There are virtually a thousand topics for the world's most beloved blogsite, among them both free and payed, although the overwhelming majority of topics are available for free. Find, download, and previews topics in your WordPress dashboard, and most topics also offer a number of extra Customization Actions.

Intermediate bloggers can even modify the sources of some WordPress topics to further enhance their own style. Your chosen design will determine the overall appearance of your blogs, as well as the color schemes, features, and location of various items on the page. Topics also have an impact on BEO, as SEO-optimized topics are better adapted for web sites and weblogs.

The installation of a WordPress theme is a fairly simple procedure, as described below. Your WordPress Blog allows you to include as many topics as you like. Your only restriction is the amount of free web hosting room available, although this should be more than enough to install all the topics you are likely to ever use.

Login to your WordPress dashboard with your administrative username and passwords. To open the Topics page, click the Appearance page in the side bar. Press "Add New" to browse for new topics. You can use the function filter to refine your query and click the Find Topics icon at the bottom of the page.

Browse down the lists and click the Install Now button below the selected theme's previews. It will install the latest release of this theme in your WordPress blog. At the end of the process, you can either use the pre-view function to see what the theme looks like with the current contents on your website, or immediately enable it for the new theme to go online.

It' s a good idea to keep your WordPress topics up to date as new releases often include new and enhanced functionality and Bugfixes. Use the following steps to refresh your designs: Go back to your topic page. Once an upgrade is available, a message appears above the theme's Thursday previews (see preceding screenshot).

You should download and install the new design now. If you do, you must re-customize the upgraded design because any earlier changes you made to it will revert to the defaults. Click the Adjust icon at the bottom of the Thursday previews to adjust your design.

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