How to Integrate html Template in Wordpress

Where to integrate html templates into Wordpress

Rather than changing the HTML core of WordPress, you can use plug-ins to add functions. Creating WordPress Business Theme from an HTML One. Adding a WordPress Site to a WordPress Site with a Stable HTML Page

Now you will find out how to create a WordPress website with a single HTML page.... A WordPress website and a statical HTML template are required. We' re going to use this easy to use landing page and our test website created with the WildRide GPL WordPress theming. For more information on how to customize this topic, see this section.

Use any WordPress topic, HTML page, or template. First, you must recreate an empty directory in the home directory of your WordPress Web site. The example is an add-on domainname; therefore its email isn't a public_html/wildride1/, so the place of our HTML template is /public_html/wildride1/landing/, where'landing' is the name of the directory with our template.

You have many ways to transfer your data to your host. They can use a stand-alone executable (e.g. Total Commander or FileZilla), but we use the standard browser-based executable available in CPPanel. Stage 1: Go to your CPU panel and open the Data Manger. Stage 2: Creating an empty directory in the home directory of your WordPress website.

It is not permitted to load normal directories, but you can load.ZIP and extract them directly in the ZIP Explorer. Stage 3: Extract only the template data only; disregard source code, screen shots, documentations, etc. You will need the content of the folder'site' in our case: Stage 4: Change the name of the index.html to index.php.

Stage 5: Append all your data to a ZIP archives. Now go to the ZIP installer and load your ZIP installation onto the directory you just made. When you are finished, right-click the ZIP and select Extract. Stage 8: Remove the ZIP executable. Or, if your computer does not immediately accept redirection, try including this line in the . that is located in the home directory of your WordPress Web site.

Now, your HTML page is integrated into your WordPress website and can be viewed from a unique, user-friendly adress. Don't delay visiting our WordPress theme collection, HTML template and target page collection to make your fantastic combo. If you have a beautiful HTML template - we can easily translate it into the WordPress website.

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