How to know Wordpress Theme

Getting to know Wordpress Theme

Just click cmd + F on Mac or ctrl+F on Windows and type "style.css" to do it. Want to know which Wordpress theme a website uses?

What they say WordPress theme a website uses (2018)

Now, first of all, you will want to see if the website you are viewing is WordPress or not - if so, that's a good thing, because the overwhelming tendency of the overwhelming number of websites created with WordPress is to use off-the-shelf design. Suppose the website you found actually works with WordPress, the next thing you need to do is find out what topic the website is using - and hopefully it's actually either a free or at least buyable topic*.

Next of all, the next stage, 3, is finding the stylesheet associated with this source document. In 99% of WordPress operated web sites, this will be a filename with the name "style.css", stored in a folder with the name "themes", in a subfolder with the name "wp-content". To find this document the simplest way is to perform a fast search** for the term "style.css".

It is the gold file: in this one we should be able to see all the peculiarities of the theme used exactly. As soon as you are found in the source text, left-click on the term "style. css" (which will actually be a default text link) and you should be redirected to another (less colorful) source page: This is the content of the topic's stylesheet.

On top of the page (although in some cases you may need to move down a bit to find it), you should now be able to see information specifically about the topic the site is using! It doesn't have to be all this information to make a theme work, from a tech point of views, but you'll usually see at least the name of the theme, the name of the writer, and a hyperlink to his own website.

You can see in the example above that we looked at the topic "Twenty Fifteen" written by the "WordPress Team", where the homepage of the topic is indicated as "". Well, since you (hopefully) have the name of the topic, the name of the writer and/or a hyperlink to the topic/author's website, you should be ready.

Have a look at the topic/author's website and exercise the normal care of whether they are a reputable resource from which you can buy/receive the theme (provided, of course, that it is properly licenced and open to the public). - Important Note: Even if you can find them, it's hardly a good thing to download/use free of charge premier topics - even if the licence allows it (and not all parts of all WordPress topics necessarily have to be GPL), many of these kinds of "demolished" topics will contain evil sources that you really don't want to run on your website!

Unfortunately, if there are no theme detail in styles. bss files, then you're quite at the end! The only thing that remains is to email the website owners and ask them for more detail about the theme/design they're directly using - something that's often really valuable when everything else goes wrong!

Damn, you never know: If it's a customized web site and the web site owners happen to be a web designer/developer, they might even be willing to do some additional work and create something for you! If not, you have little choice but to either look for a finished artwork with at least one similar artwork - and hopefully find it (note that many artworks these past few weeks either have a tendency to come from those in Themeforest or to reproduce them - lucky hunt!

In order to find a particular phrase in Chrome, go to the "Edit" page in the top right corner of the page, followed by "Search" and then "Search...". Enter the request (in this case "style. css") and press Enter. Hint: You have found a topic but are still not sure if it is a suitable one?

Do you know any other ways to see which WordPress theme a website uses?

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