How to know Wordpress Theme name

Knowing the Wordpress Theme Name

Click on the URL in this line to open the style.css file. WorldPress Theme Detector (including plugin detection). Shows the name of the topic, the author and other helpful details.

WordPress. What can I do to verify the name of the topic used on a website?

So if the website you liked is a blogsite, or you're used to the look and feel of WordPress-based websites, you can use a funky toolset we recommend for you to search for the topic it's on. In order to get hold of this utility, just go to When your selected Web site is WordPress-based, the Topic Detector displays the topics that you have set up there and provides you with the Web site link for the topic provider.

If the topic is free or community-based, you can get it with a few mouse clicks. Just click on the topic to get it. If it is a business issue, you can still visit the seller's website and discuss your possible buy with them. A further benefit of this utility is the display of the plug-ins that have been set up on the website you have tested; you can find them using any browser and even set them up on your website.

WordPress. What can I do to verify the name of the topic used on a website? If you are looking for the best WordPress topics for web design or one of WordPress's web development topics for your on-line projects, take a look at our extensive WordPress topics library.

To find out which WordPress theme (and plugins) a website uses - Station Seven

Did you ever stumble across a web site you dreamed of and become interested in what topic they could use? Fortunately, there are great ressources that will help you find the WordPress theme and plug-ins that a website uses, and you will have another resource that will help you build your favorite page. To find the topic used on a website, the simplest way is to use an on-line search engine that scans the source for you.

What WordPress Theme is That? is recommended, but there are also other WP Theme Detector features. Snatch up these 7 easy stages to start a seriously legitimate web site that is committed and converted! Here is an example of the results when we browse the Monstera demonstration for What WordPress Theme is That. Shows the name of the topic, the name of the writer and other useful information.

This will also show you recognized plug-in that the site uses! But if you're looking for a website that doesn't run on a topic, it will still tell you whether it runs on WordPress (or not) and that it's a custom website. Bonus, if the page is WordPress enabled, it still shows recognized plugs!

They can also find the theme and plug-in of a website through the sources. Right-click anywhere on the web page and click Inspect, then click Sources >WP Content where you will find the style.css page with the theme name, writer, etc. The plug-ins used can then be found in the Plug-ins directory under WP-Content.

Hopefully this is a practical utility that you will have the next times you come across a nice website or test the water of the sources. Did you ever check the website for useful information?

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