How to Link Domain to Hosting Godaddy

This is how to connect domain with hosting Godaddy

Choose the domain you want to host/show on Bluehost. In order to steer your Godaddy domain everywhere:. Link the domain name to the hosting account. Already have a domain. May I use it with your hosting?

First assign the domain to the webhosting account: Login to your bankroll. On the Hosting menu, click Web Hosting, and then click Manage. Under the name of the hosting company, click Domain. Enter the domain and click Submit.

Up to 50 domain name can be assigned per hosting area. To host Linux, simply append the domain to the Plesk-Control Panel: Navigate to the Hosting account's Web Hosting Access pane. Please click on Domain on the leftside. Then click Create Domain. Select the www option and type the domain name.

They are used to login to the hosting accounts via FTP. Once the domain has been added to the hosting accounts, please read the following articles: When the domain is to use our DNA, please make sure that the DNA servers preferences are correct (see How to modify Domain Name Servers (DNS)).

When the domain is registrated or DNS is otherwise hosting, please read the Web Hosting article: Associated domain that is registrared with a registrar other than the hosting account.

Showing domain from Godaddy to Bluehost

My previous Bluehost Addon Domain manual mentions how simple it is to refer a domain from any domain name registrar to Bluehost by modifying the domain name server. Therefore I give here a short tutorial to refer from Godaddy Domain Panels to Bluehost. If you have a few domain names on Godaddy, you want to refer your domain to Bluehost and host your website on Bluehost.

It' s a very easy procedure and all we have to do is upgrade the domain name servers to Godaddy to refer to Bluehost. Use the Bluehost Domain Services at a later date to include these domain names in your Bluehost accounts. In the end, your domain will still be on Godaddy, but you can host the website with Bluehost Hosting on them.

Just login to your GoDaddy user interface and go to the Domain Managers section. Choose the domain you want to host/show on Bluehost. Start the Domain Manger and you will see a monitor like this. On the Names Servers page, click Manage, choose Set nameservers as user-defined, and then modify nameservers to point to Bluehost Name Servers.

These are the standard Bluehost name servers: your last monitor will look like this: In the meantime, you can quickly and easily attach this domain to your Bluehost email address, download WordPress, and prepare your website for launching. Whether GoDaddy, NameCheap, Google or any other domain name registrar, the whole thing will be the same.

So if you're using a different domain host and have problems referring a domain from your domain host to your Bluehost accounts, let me know by comments and I'll give you the workaround. I am a pro from Asia & This blogs is made by me after using bluehost host hosting for many years.

Here I would like to give you some hints, review and a tutorial about Bluehost Hosting.

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