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In the Squarespace main window, click the SETTINGS link on the left side of the screen. To log in to your Squarespace website In order to start customising your website on Squarespace, you as a site holder must have permission to use it. Go to your website under your Squarespace URL ( or your own domain) and hit the Esc-Button.

Once the registration request is displayed, please type in your e-mail as well as your username and your username to get to your website.

If, for example, you are adding user-defined coding to your website that uses the Esc button to get out of a full-screen viewing environment, you will not be able to use the Esc button to sign in to your website. It is possible to deactivate the Esc button for registration on your website by going to Manager?Settings website.

Administering more than one Squarespace with the same email addresses and passwords will log you in to the last website you signed up for. In order to go to another Squarespace website that you administer or to which you are contributing, go to the Site Manager and click on the Squarespace icon in the lower L EFT of your web browsers.

Choose the other Squarespace site from the pop-up popup that will appear. In order to register directly on your website, you can either add a page to your website or fill in the registration form for your website ( in the URL box of your web browser. This will take you directly to the sign-in page, where you can input your email as well as your username and your username to log in to your website.

In case you have forgotten your login code on your website, click the Forgot your login code? button on the far right of the Login code box and enter the email that you used to log in to your website. We will send you an email containing a clickable button to reset your account name.

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There are several ways to sign in to your website with Squarespace 7. Each of these requires the e-mail addresses you used to set up your Squarespace accounts and your passwords. In Squarespace 5, a different logon point and procedure is used than in Squarespace 7. You can find help under Signing in to Squarespace 5. Use this troubleshooting procedure if you have problems connecting to your website.

In case you are unable to log in because you have forgotten your username or password, please go to the Recover your username and username page. And if you can't sign in because you have forgotten the e-mail address associated with your account-visit the Restore Your E-mail address page. When you see an alert when trying to log in via Squarespace. com/login, try to clear your browser's cookie memory and cookie.

Alternatively, you can try to log in by browsing your built-in or user-defined domains and add /config at the end. The Squarespace 5 is our older version, and it uses a different logon space and a different methodology than the Squarespace 7. So if your e-mail and your passphrase don't work to log in to Squarespace 7, and you think you might have a Squarespace 5 site, please go to Squarespace 5 Blog.

When you can't log in because you think someone has modified your passwords, go to the Recover your passwords page. Once you have updated your passphrase according to the instructions in this manual, your current passphrase will become void and the safety of your website will be maintained. Once you have completed the process of resetting your passphrase, we will provide you with a pop-up window to set your passphrase back to the e-mail that you used to set up your user name.

You have not received this e-mail: Join to the white list of your e-mail accounts with Failure to follow these instructions may mean that you typed the incorrect e-mail adress when you set up your website. When you get an "Invalid e-mail address" message when you try to sign in, select the Typo on logon page option.

Try a different e-mail that you used to set up your affiliate with. Please feel free to get in touch with us and add the following information to the text of your post so we can review your account: When you have this problem with a test page, please get in touch with us and specify your URL and the date you launched your test version.

We can help you correct any typos or misspellings you may have made when creating your website if you think you typed the incorrect e-mail addresses (for example, if you think you made a typo). Tip: If you recall the fake e-mail and are able to log in with it, we suggest that you update your e-mail immediately.

In case you do not know the e-mail details you provided, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and add the following information to the text of your e-mail so that we can check your account: Please note: For safety reason, consultants cannot pass on earlier credentials such as the wrong e-mail adress. When you see a gray color display with a passwordfield and a padlock symbol, the page is concealed behind a page or location-wide key.

In order to log in to your website, open the log in page at https://site-name.squarespace. com/config and replace the page name with your page name. Then, see these instructions for help with deleting a website or page passcode. Goto Quadratraum. com/login and type your e-mail and your username. To access more than one location associated with a unique user interface, see Manage more than one location.

You must re-activate your user name in order to be able to access it: you will need to re-activate your account: When you click Owner Login. On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Billing & Accounts. When you see an authentification key requirement after you enter your e-mail address and your passphrase, you have activated two-factor authentification for your user name.

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