How to make a Band website

Creating a Band Website

Musician' s guide to creating a website. GoDaddy is the easiest way to register a domain name. Register a domain in almost any country via GoDaddy, or use other country-specific sites such as (AUS).

The new press kit is a musician's website. It' an important part of your music promotion.

There are 5 ways to create a band website that works

A compelling, easy-to-navigate website is an integral part of any musician's website. It is a place where you can present yourself, buy your ticket and connect your tunes to new and old people. What makes a good band website? We have put together what we consider to be the key elements to ensure that your website lives up to its promise.

Buying a suitable domainname should be a top priorities as it makes your website much easy for your website to find for you. Where possible, try to evade arcane or local Top-level Domain (TLD) names and try to get a domainname in the same (or very similar) formats as your existing search engine profile for consistency.

You need your website to present you and your tunes, so make sure it looks elegant and pro. You can use a do-it-yourself website composer, WordPress CMS and theme, or even work with a web design artist when it comes to creating your website. Want your supporters to find what they're looking for within seconds of getting to your site, whether it's your tracks, tours or anything else that will take us perfect to the next important point.

Keep your title page as informational and appealing as possible. And your fans, blogs, or reporters don't want to waste your valuable resources browsing a complex website to get the information they need right now. Of course you can also add a top navigational panel to other areas of your website with more detail about your songs, shows, stories, inspiration, etc.

E-mail is still one of the best instruments of musical communication in a musician's stock. Often your contribution doesn't get to all your follower, but if you have a fan's e-mail, you have a live connection to him or her to include your new songs and the coming touring. Do you have a prominent registration sheet for the mailinglist on your homepage?

And if you are not sure how to do this, read this musician' s e-mail-marketing article, which describes how to setup and integrate a sign-up on your website, and begin sending e-mail alerts to your supporters with the latest news. Having a big community of supporters isn't everything, but it does help when it comes to getting new supporters and business keymakers to give your tunes a shot.

Therefore, it is important that you instruct your community to join you and get in touch with you. Just add a link to your charity pages at the top of your homepage, but if there are other, more innovating ways to promote your followers. Just like providing an incentive to subscribe to your listing, you can also use a WordPress Locker plug-in to support your followers.

For example, utilities like locker mechanisms make it necessary for a user to like your site in order to access information - maybe a rebate on your merchandise or your soundtrack. When you create a website, what do you value in order to present your work?

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