How to make a Blog on Wordpress

Creating a blog on Wordpress

Start a WordPress Blog: Creating a free Wordpress blog. Getting a nice blog up and running today: incrementally So why not create a blog? Making this blog is one of the best choices Ryan and I have ever made. Ultimately, our blog is about how we make a livelihood. So let's say you've been thinking about blogging to share your thoughts and emotions.

We have reached an audiences of more than 20 million since the creation of this blog eight years ago.

Probably the most important thing to learn was that launching a blog was much simpler than we thought. There is no need to know how to encode or shape (we still don't know). Do not need much cash (you can get your free domains and your website for just a few dollars a months host).

You don't have to waste much of your precious spare tire (you can create your blog in less than an hour). With so many queries about how we specifically created our blog, we have chosen to offer our readership a complete guideline for creating a blog.

Purpose of this blog posting is to serve as a tutorial, a tutorial that paves the way to the launch of your new blog, with easy-to-understand screen shots, step-by-step tutorials, and an educational movie. Whilst there are free blogs sites like and, almost every serious blogserver uses a self-hosted WordPress site because of its creativity and versatility.

Following a lot of experimentation and crafts, we found the best way to create our blog. By following these six easy stages, you will soon discover how to create a blog in less than an hours. Placing your domainname is an important part of your blog. Known as your U rl, your domains is your web adress.

Before you run away and pay for a blog you will want to host your blog first. There are several reason why Bluehost is our recommendation: We' re using bluehost. However, to be honest, we would still use Bluehost even if we were not an affiliated. Ergo, we don't suggest Bluehost just because we are a partner (every hoster has a similar partner program); we suggest Bluehost because it's the best and most dependable one.

Available domains. Bluehost gives you a free name when you register for your host, so you can save the cost of buying a website. So if you've already bought your own domainname, don't be worried; you can continue to use your domainname with Bluehost (it's just an additional step).

The Bluehost provides a 30-day back-warranty, so there's no chance if you should ever alter your opinion. A lot of our buddies and families also use Bluehost to help with their blogging. First thing we did was go to Bluehost and click the "Get Start Now" icon. In the next window you will need to choose your web site schedule:

You' ll find that rates are between $3 and $6 per months, whether you want a simple site hosted schedule for a simple site or a more resilient schedule that allows you to build across websites. However, if you need to add a new registration, use the checkbox on the far right followed by your preferred extensions (e.g., . com, . net, .org).

If you have trouble remembering a good name, try Wordoid, a great names application that gives you many great choices (just make sure you don't buy the name from them because Bluehost gives you one for free). So if you've already bought your domainname in another place like, don't be worried because Bluehost gives you the information you need to transfer your domainname simply.

Once you have selected your domainname, you have to enter some of your own data: The next step is to download WordPress, but don't let the term "install" frighten you. It' much simpler than it sounded, and Bluehost does all the work for you. This next page will prompt you to enter a password: after entering your own you will be redirected to a login area.

The next display shows various topic items. WorldPress is currently being installed and will be finished soon. Press "Start Building" to go to your new WordPress dashboard and we'll go to Stage 4: A Topic allows you to manage the look and feel of your blog without the need for programming or designing skills.

Or in other words, a good blog layout will help you make your blog exactly the way you want it to be. When you' re not a programmer (we certainly aren't), one topic makes your work a million simple. BYLT is used for our topic, a plattform that was developed by our buddies at SPYR.

You have a number of nice, basic topics to select from and you can buy the same topic we use if you like. Recall how easily it was to get WordPress installed? The installation of your design is even simpler. Now you should already be signed in to your WordPress Dashboard, but if not, go to, type your new domains (or username) and your passwords, and click Send:

Go from here to "My Pages" and click on "Login to WordPress": Then go to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance>Topics: Themes: Then click on the "Upload Design" and then on the "Select File" buttons. Locate the zipped download from BYLT (this is your topic file) and click the "Install Now" icon to add your nice new topic to your blog:

When your design completes installing, you will see a verification page that indicates that your design has been successfully completed. Plug-ins are third-party attachments that can be used to enhance your blog with new features. It is best to keep the number of plug-ins to a bare minimum and to only use the best plug-ins. Browse your WordPress Dashboard to Find plug-ins > Create new and locate, deploy, and enable the following free plug-ins:

YOAST SOE is the de facto default SOEO plug-in for WordPress. See Yoast's Final Guide to WordPress Creative Software for full detail and everything you ever want to know about WordPress Creative Software. MonsterInsights' Google Analytics for WordPress for WordPress allows you to monitor the visitors of your blog simply and with a lot of interesting data: total visitors, visitor numbers, per-writer & categories, automated outgoing click and page view tracks.'s Jetpack is a WordPress plug-in that boosts your self-hosted WordPress page with the incredible clutch power. With your own blog, you can make it your own; you can put your visions into action. Season your blog post ings with high-quality archive photos:

Make a plain logotype with a software like InDesign or Photoshop or a text editing software (Note: although we don't have any designing capabilities, we were able to make our plain logotype with Apple's Pages app after we downloaded some free graphic vectors and chose the Helvetica New style that best matches our aesthetics), or you can have someone like 99designs make a plain logotype.

Decide whether you want to comment on your blog or not. And of course begin to write and post new blog postings. Have a lot of good time printing on your new blog. No matter where you go, make sure you are enjoying your upcoming trip.

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