How to make a Blog page

Creating a Blog Page

Writing a blog post in WordPress is just as easy with Word, Pages or Gmail. What does your blog page lead to? In this page I would like to guide you through the process of how to make money blogging.

adding pages to your blog

Sites can appear in your blog as tabbed pages at the top or as hyperlinks on the page. Click the down arrows at the top of the page. Choose the blog you want to upgrade. Click Layout on the shortcut bar on the right. Specify your preferences and click Saving. Click Store Order in the upper right corner. Click the down arrows at the top of the page.

Choose the blog you want to upgrade. Click Pages in the navigation bar on the right. Make a new page: Please click on New Page. Type a page heading and other information, and then click Save, Preview, or Publish. Modify a page: Click Modify below the page you want to work on. Refresh your page and click Save, Preview, or Publish.

Erase a page: Click Clear Ok under the page you want to clear. Click the down arrows at the top of the page. Choose the blog you want to upgrade. Click Layout on the shortcut bar on the right. Click Edit in the Pages section. Type the page header and page address, and then click Save Link.

Click Layout on the shortcut bar on the right. Click Edit in the Pages section. Choose the pages you want to display. Press Save. Click Save Order in the upper right corner. You can have any number of pages in a blog, there is no limitation.

Earn your living with Bloggen

In this page I would like to lead you through the trial of how to make a living blogs.... It' perfectly for those who already have a blog, but if you don't, I suggest you read our blog launch instructions (it's stage 1). I started to blog spontaneously one blog in 2002 after seeing another blog and being intrigued by the media.

Back then I had no clue that what I was doing would eventually result in a total shift in my carreer and eventually be something that would turn into a full-time job in a few years. For almost 18 month I didn't make any cash with my first blog (I didn't even know you couldn't try), and when I started making cash with them, the first salary was just a few bucks a dollar a week-but my salary slowly increased from a part-time salary to a full-time salary and beyond.

Getting Your Moneys Blogged? I am often asked how to make making blogs so want to put in this blog post some fundamental moves that I see most blogs who go through earning their livelihood with blogs. This is how you can earn a lot of cash with a blog: Here is how you can earn a lot of cash with a blog.

To make monies Bloggen you will need to have a blog. This is quite evident, but it is also a hurdle for many PreBloggers who come up with the intention of blogs with little or no techology. There was also my history and most blogs are beginning to get a little overpowered by the way their blog starts.

When you need a little help, I would strongly suggest that you read my How to start a Blog post, which outlines the actions you need to take to get started and run. More information about how to launch a blog: Because a blog is not a blog without contents, once you've created your blog, you need to turn your attentions to the creation of useful contents.

Much of what you elect to cause depends on the subject you decide to type about (on that note, some of the most successfull Bloggers have some focus to their blogsging, whether that's a niche story or a demo that they are writing for). Designing contents as useful as possible is the secret to producing them.

Concentrate on producing contents that change people's life in any way, it will be the kind of contents that will be most appreciated by them, and it will help make humans think they know you, like you, and have confidence - which is really important if you want to make a living from your blog later on.

More information about the creation of content: View our latest products in the Contents section of our blog and on our panel. Have a look at some of these beloved essays about different aspect of creation of content. While you are generating the most useful piece of information you may be able to provide, it is simple to get very insular with your main business area, and spending most of your free online gaming effort blogging.

A lot of blogs have a "build it and they will come mentality" with their blogs, but this is a small one. When you want to earn cash from your blog, you must not only concentrate on creating a great blog, but it is also necessary to leave your blog and begin advertising.

Plenty of ways to try out expanding the audiences of your blog that I've posted in earlier blog postings and spoken about in podcasts (I'll publish some more read and listen samples below), but it's important to get into all these tactics, bearing in mind that you should not only look for "traffic" but also for "readers".

Begin by pondering what kind of readers you want your blog to be. As soon as you know who you hope to have seen your blog, ask yourself where this kind of individual already meets on-line. Holding this roster of blog posts, focuses, Podcasts, Social Medias in your hands will give you some good places to begin moving and creating value.

Read more/listen to reader search for your blog: Check out our latest reader search articles and podcasts in the Reader Search section of the blog and here on the blog. Focusing on the creation of great blog contents and the search for your blog reader, you will begin to realize that your blog is visited by humans and that they are interested in your work.

Here you need to put your emphasis on interacting with these audiences and creating a fellowship. React to comment, contact these people in person and do everything you can to get them to come back again and again by creating a blogticky. Take a look at the reader you already have well and you'll find that they are spreading the words of your blog for you and helping to make your blog more widely known.

It is also much simpler to earn cash to have a dedicated readership. Find out more about how to deepen your retention in your blog: Okay - the first four easy stages to launching a blog, writing contents, locating your readership and getting involved with them are important basics you really need to get there before you will be able to generate a long-term revenue stream for your blog.

It' s unavoidable that what we have coverd is a bunch of work, but if you do it well you will line up well and give yourself every opportunity to make a living with your blog. Using these basics in place you are now willing to try to start making cash from your blog, but you must be conscious that just because you have your blog created, contents and reader have committed that your cash will not only runutomatically.

You need continuous work and experiments to earn your blog cash. On of the greatest misunderstandings I see Blogger have about monetizing blogging is that they have to do it in one of a fistful of ways. Actually, there are many ways to make a living with a blog.

Some years ago I resolved to sat down and enumerate all the ways I saw people blogging making cash with their blog and made this " Geldkarte " (click to enlarge). Notice: This GeldKarte was last refreshed in September 2016. You will see that there are a number of choices that a blogger can make to get revenue from their blog.

Don't be afraid - while this card is quite overpowering at first sight, there are some important "clusters" of revenue flows that you should concentrate on rather than all on. A lot of Blogger begin here. Much in the way, this blog making cash is not unlike how a journal or paper advertsees.

Whilst you need humane trafficking to make a straight transaction with an advertiser, there are advertising networking sites (such as Google AdSense) that act as intermediaries and allow smaller publisher to place advertisements on their blog. Here begin many Blogger (I also). Put quite bluntly - the affiliate revenue is when you click on a linked item that is for sales on another website (e.g. Amazon) and if someone follows your click and buys at the end of that item, you make a percentage on that sales.

There is more than that, but this is another great place to begin monetizing your blog, as affiliate channels are simple to register, and if you have a dedicated public, you will find that they are following the advice you make on our product. More information about your affilate income:

Whilst not something most blogs do, I have noted an increasing number of blogs who make cash by hosting them. Yet another burgeoning class of incomes I see more and more blogs experimented with are recurrent revenue flows (sometimes referred to as continuation or affiliate programs). Here the reader pays a periodic, returning amount (usually once a month or annually) for accessing premier contents, a social area, a kind of services, utilities, coaching sessions (or a mix of these).

A lot of clay paving and grouting companies make indirect profits from their blogging by using their blogging to expand their profiles and steer readership towards their stores. An established method by which many Blogger earn cash is to offer service to their reader. As I began earning cash from my blog through advertisements and affilate promotion, my main revenue stream today is the sale of eBooks and course offerings on my blog.

Those "virtual products" take a lot of work, but were profitable for me and many other people. Of course there are many ways of taking shape in our world, including taking advantage of information such as e-books or training sessions, but there are also other ways of taking shape such as using computer programs, reporting, etc. Another kind of blogs selling something are physically made items.

Most often this is when the blogsger has a company, but sometimes loggers also make merchandising (T-shirts etc.) or sale other tangible wares. Of course, there are other types of revenue that blogs are experimenting with. A few involve asking for contributions, sharing contents with other websites, and finally the sale of their blog.

The majority of full-time blogs make more than one direction of revenue and end up with several sources of revenue. The diversification of your incomes in this way is not only wise and will help you distribute the risks of having all your balls in one basket, but will also speed up the full travel.

This was a tough lecture for me after receiving most of my revenue from one single resource in the first few weeks, but after a poor one I started diversifying my revenue flows (read more about it here) - it was one of the best things I've ever done!

Nowadays I earn my living with about 12 different stream types. Updated: I recently wrote about how I made a lot of profit by blogs in this earnings section. Is there a straight or indirect source of revenue? A final small differentiation in relation to revenue flows.................................................. A few blogs earn directly with their blog, while others earn directly with their blog.

Immediate incomes - when I began earning cash from my blog, it was through "direct" revenue flows. So I put advertisements on my blog promoting certain Amazon related items as an Amazon partner and the more people I had, the more revenue I began to get (it was really a ripple at first glance).

As my revenue increased, so did my revenue and I was able to explore other ways to earn money, such as directly marketing ads to customers. Redirect revenue - later in my blogging trip has come the occasion to generate "indirect" revenue flows. When my blog and my blog profiles were growing through my blogs, I was able to offer my voice and consulting skills and get the chance to write a novel with Wiley.

Later, I was able to launch an activity for Blogger that also made a lot of profit. Neither of these revenues came directly from the blog - but it came "because of" my blog. Whilst the way I make my living, blogs is a mixture of straight and indirectly earning many blogs concentrate on one or the other.

Hopefully this item has help you on your trip to earn cash with a blog. Finally, join me on Facebook here - I would like to listen as you go on your trip to earn with your blog cash.

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