How to make a free website using Wordpress

Creating a free website with Wordpress

Of this video you can learn how to create a free website. free website from the world's most usable software WordPress. Take a look at this collection of free WordPress themes for your website.

Where can I build my own website or my own blogs on WordPress?

Looking for a website? Launching a website can be a terrible thought, especially if you are not technical. After helping over 130,000+ individuals build a website with WordPress, we chose to provide the most complete step-by-step instructions on how to build a website without having to learn how to program.

These guidelines are useful for people of all age groups and nationalities. If you need help, however, you can turn to our specialist staff to help you set up your website free of charge. To do it yourself, please keep following our step-by-step instructions for creating a website.

This is an outline of all the stages we show you in this guideline. Prior to starting to create a website, let us discuss some of the most frequently asked question we receive. Do I need to create a website? You need the following three things to launch your WordPress page.

Wordprocess Web site host - this is where your Web site data is saved. What does a WordPress website costs? Answering this questions really does depend on what kind of website you are trying to create. We' ve created a 2000 words manual that explains how much it really costs to create a website.

Typically a web site can be as low as $100 per year and as high as $30,000 per year. As your company expands, we encourage all our site visitors to get started small and then continue to adding functionality to your site. We' ll show you how to create a website for less than $100 in this tutorial.

What is the best website to use? Many website builder are available to help you set up a website. It is recommended to use self-hosted WordPress as a website plattform. WorldPress is the most beloved website plattform in the game. Almost 28% of all web sites are served by it. WorldPress is free and comes with hundreds of website themes and enhancements.

It' s highly versatile and works with almost all third-party tools and services available to website users. So we use WordPress to make all our sites, even this one, WPBeginner. What is the best way to make the most of creating a websiteutorial? It is a step-by-step guide on how to make a website.

Simply obey the directions and you will end up with a very professionally looking website. We' ll also show you the right way to take your website to the next stage according to your needs. Enjoy building your website. If you need help, you can always get in touch with us and we will set up your website for free.

On of the most frequent errors that novices make is the choice of the incorrect website platforms. A self-hosting site is the ideal choice for most people. There come hundreds of different themes and add-ons that allow you to build any type of website you can imagine. More information on this subject can be found in our guidelines on why you should use WordPress.

WorldPress is free for anyone to downloading and use to create any type of website without limitations. When WordPress is free, where do the expenses come from? WorldPress is free because you have to organize your own domains and your own web site hostings, which is expensive. You can find more information on this subject in our articles Why is WordPress free?

Your website's web site location on the web is a domainname. That is what your visitors will enter in their browser to access your website (e.g. WPBeginner - Beginner's Guide for WordPress or Google). Next, you need a website host. Every website on the web requires web hostings. It will be the home of your website on the web.

Domainname usually cost $14. 99/year and host cost starts at $7.99/month. Fortunately, Bluehost has approved to provide our customers with a free domainname and over 60% discount on webhosting. Bloehost is one of the biggest hosters in the whole wide range of services. You are also an authorized WordPress endorsed host.

You have been working with WordPress since 2005 and are dedicated to giving something back to the world. That' s why they told us that if you can't create your website with this guide, our experts will finish the job for you for free. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for free assistance in setting up the website.

When you buy hosted services through our recommendation links, we receive a small fee at no extra charge to you. Actually you get rebate on your web site and a free name. While we would receive this fee for a WordPress host recommendation, we only refer customers to personal WordPress sites that we believe provide added value for our customers.

Let's go ahead and buy domains and hostings. First of all you have to go to the Bluehost website in a new web browsing pane and click on the yellow'Get Start Now' icon. It will take you to a price page where you will need to select a price schedule for your website.

Ensure it is related to your company, easily pronounced and spellable, and noticed. Do you need help selecting a domainname for your website? Once your order is complete, you will be sent an e-mail with registration detail for your Web Hosts cPanel. It is your hosted baseboard, where you administer everything like e.g. your mail, your mail, your maintenance, etc.

The most important thing is that you should download WordPress here. You' ll find tonnes of symbols to do various things on your hosting accounthashboard ( cPanel ). In cPanel, browse down to the website area, and then click the WordPress button. Now you will see the Bluehost Marketplace quick installation guide for WordPress.

The next window will prompt you to choose the domainname under which you want to use WordPress. You will now need to type in your website name, your administrator user name and a website passcode. Don't be afraid, you can modify them later in the WordPress preferences if you want. You must also click all the boxes on the monitor, and then click the Installs icon to proceed.

The Quick Installation now starts with the installation of WordPress on your website. In the meantime, it will show you some website templatas that you can download and use on your website. There is no need to do this now, because we will show you how to find and download a free WordPress preset on your website, later in this manual.

Now, click on the "Installation complete" button and it will take you to the WordPress log-in URL and your WordPress passwordscreen. Your first WordPress website was made. Now you can go to the WordPress log-in page. Now you can log in to your WordPress page with the previously typed administrator user name and pass word.

We' ll now move on to the next stage and select a website layout. A WordPress topic controls the look and feel of your WordPress page. Wordprocessor topics are professional looking template files that you can add to your website to modify their look and feel. Each WordPress page comes with a standard layout by standard.

Visiting your website will make it look something like this: Don't be afraid, there are tons of free and prepaid WordPress topics that you can download and post on your website. Use the WordPress Administrator dashboard to modify your design. Go to the Appearance " Topics page and then click the Appearance " Appearance " Add Next icon.

The next page allows you to browse 4,492 free WordPress topics available in the Blog Tool, Publishing Platform and CMS Topics directories. Do you need help selecting a topic? Take a look at our great free WordPress related topics page. Feel free to take a look at our guidelines on how to choose the WordPress topic that's right for your website.

We will use Bento for the purposes of this manual. It' a favorite, multifunctional, free WordPress topic with flexibility for all types of web sites. To find the free thread you want to download, you can browse for it by typing its name in the box provided.

The WordPress application displays the topic in the results of the query. Move your cursor over the topic and click the Install icon. After you install your design, you can adjust it by selecting the Adjust Customization Web shortcut on the Appearance pull-down list. Thereby the Topic Customizing will be started where you can modify your themes using your website's LifeScreen Preview.

There is no need to complete all design adjustments immediately. You' ll be able to adapt it much better once you have some contents on your website. Let's see how you can attach contents to your WordPress page. The WordPress application comes with two standard contents, referred to as articles and pages. However, pages are intended to be statically "unique" contents such as your info page, contacts page, data protection statement, etc.

WordPress displays your blogs by default on your website's home page. This can be changed to make WordPress display any page as the home page of your website (we will show you later in this manual how to do this). Now you can make a seperate page for your blogs or message area.

Actually, you can build a website without a blogs section. However, let us include some contents in your website. You begin by attaching some pages to your WordPress page. Don't be worried if you don't have enough contents for these pages at the time. Go to the "Add new page" pages in the WordPress administration area.

You can then use the text editors below to create your own text. Once you've added something to your page, you can click the Submit a page to post it to your website. If you want, you can redo the operation by creating more pages for different areas of your site. Go to Poss essions " Create New in your WordPress administration area.

Easily create a caption and then create your own posts in the graphical mail author. Click the Submit icon to submit your contribution as a design, or click the Submit icon to make it appear on your Web site. Please read our How to insert a new article in WordPress for more details on how to use all these features on your mail and page editing screen.

Well, since you have put some contents on your website, you will be able to adapt them and bring everything into a beautiful, displayable form on your website. Go to the Settings " Read page in your WordPress administration area. Now WordPress uses the page entitled "Home" as the title page of your website and the "Blog" page to view your blogs.

The WordPress program inserts an automatic WordPress header line to your page header that says 'Only one more WordPress page'. Their page titles will be the name of your site like WPBeginner. As a rule, the tags line is a separate line that defines your website. WorldPress has an integrated annotation system with which your user can make annotations to your contributions.

In order to cope, you need to activate your website's comments moderator. Navigational Menus allow your visitors to search through various pages or parts of your website. The WordPress comes with a high-performance navigational system, and your WordPress topic uses this system to view your Microsoft WordPress pages. Let's include a navigational bar to your website.

Type a name for your Navigate tool and click the Make toolbar shortcut tool. Now WordPress creates your own menue. Next, you need to choose the pages you want to view in your menus, and then click the Append to menus buttons. The pages you choose will fill the empty area of your menus.

They can be moved up and down to reposition their location in the menus. Those storage location are determined by your WordPress topic. Normally, most WordPress topics have a main window that pops up at the top. Click on the buttons on the right to select your desired option. Now you can go to your website to see the menus in operation.

You will find details of how to do this in our Getting Started guides for adding menus to WordPress. The WordPress plugin is like an app for your WordPress page. Allows you to include functions in your WordPress page. Currently more than 49,000 free WordPress plug-ins are available. You can also get chargeable plug-ins that are resold by third-party sites and development companies.

How do you find out which plug-ins to have installed with so many plug-ins? See our guidelines for selecting the best WordPress plug-in. This is our complete listing of the most important plug-ins you should immediately have installed on your website. They' re all free.

The WPForms Lite - Allows you to attach a Contacts page to your WordPress page. In MonsterInsights, connect your site to Google Analytics and see how people find and use your site so you can visit it again and again. Do you need help with the installation of plug-ins? In our step-by-step instructions you will learn how to download and use a WordPress plug-in.

See our 24 Must have WordPress plug-ins for web sites for more plug-ins recommended. The WordPress is simple to use and yet highly efficient. Good tidings is that there is a lot of free WordPress help available. Read our guidelines on how to correctly ask for and receive WordPress assistance.

WorldPress Beginner itself is the biggest WordPress website on the web. The following ressources can be found on all WPBeginners (all are totally free). Welcome to our WordPress Blog - Here we post our WordPressutorials, How-Tos and Step-by-Step Instructions. WinPBeginner Video - These step-by-step video clips will help you learning WordPressAST.

WordPress Beginner Dictionary - The best place for a beginner to begin and become familiar with the WordPress language use. WP Beginner Blueprint - View the plug-ins, utilities and utilities we use on WP Beginner. WP Beginner Offers - Get special WordPress product and service rebates for WP Beginner customers. Just enter a keyword for what you are looking for and include at the end Beginner's Guide for WordPress.

Please submit your questions directly via our enquiry page and we will try to reply. Up to now we have shown you how to create a website, how to create a design and how to set up important plug-ins.

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