How to make a free website with free Domain

Creating a free website with free domain name

Free web hosting supports all possible domain names, like "" or others. You haven't registered your own domain yet? No matter if you do it yourself or hire an expert, here you will find the tools you need.

Instructions: Get a web domain and free hosting without limit

Eventually we all dreamt of creating a website, but we researched the topic and found out some.... let's say "shady" things about it. They were a bit like having to buy a domain or host and think about how much bandwith your website will consume and what not.

Here I show you how to create your own domain with free unrestricted domain hosting. Steps by steps TOURIALPart One: Domain Registration The first stage is the registration of our domain name. In order to do this, we need an Email adress ( you can get one from Google or Yahoo [other organizations are available], click here or here to create one) because we need it to be able to sign up for our domain.

In order to create a domain registration, first open a new tabs in your web browsers and go to where you should see something like this: This is a website where you can sign up for free domain name, but unfortunately we are limited to each ".tk" domain name because it is free; "you get what you get", effective.

When you want a top-level domain, you need to sign up a domain with a registrar like GoDaddy where you can see the price of the domain, but we won't do that in this tutorial. Now what we want to do is get our domain registered, but make a wise choice because we don't want to make a big deal of a mess like Pen Island Pens did with their domain (; I think you can find out for yourself, but anyway, just type your domain name in the field and hit "Go:

Otherwise, and it says "Domain Name Already Taken", or if it says something about it being a specific domain, select another one. Wherever "Use your new domain" is, just find a haphazard picture on Google pictures and copy - insert the picture place into the re-direct, then sign up, because we will be changing the domain's DNA later.

In order to enroll, click on "Register" and click on the link with which you wish to enrol, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google. Next, log in (again) with a charity bank or log in with your own email with your own username and your own username and passwort, as shown: This is our domain name. It may take a while before you can actually get to your domain (up to 48hrs or so).

Second Part: Web Hosting Now, do not shut this page. Once you've finished the trial, take a look back at the next steps here. Unlike Super Freemium, we would like to choose Free Hosted with advertisements as shown below: Once you have completed the necessary information and created the website, click on " Button " on your domain in the main menu.

That means that we have to refer our . tk domain to the name servers of our web host. I think you should end up with this: Therefore we have to go back to our register and change our domain. Click "Save changes. "Now we should be able to go to our domain and see the result:

Here, too, it can take up to 48 working hours for the domain to actually work. Don't be afraid; in the meantime, you can create your website with HTML, PHP or, if you don't know any of these tongues, with a Wordpress or Joomla suite. Delight in your new domain and limitless web space!

I will not in any way be remunerated or corrupted to promote businesses, all tools used in this guide will be used exclusively because they are what I use for my own use.

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