How to make a website English

Making a website in English

They can also be used to translate something from English into another language. Changing a Website that is in a Language Other than English There is no need to study a new foreign country to be able to translate a website into English. Instead, you can use an on-line website translator to perform the hard lift for you for free. They can also automatically recognize the website idiom if you are not comfortable with the idiom.

If you already know the preferred website interface using the default interface of your website, you can chose from a dozen different programming interfaces. Launch your web browsers and go to the Google Translation website at Type the Web that you want to be translated in the text field. Enable the "Detect language" checkbox to have Google translate automatically recognize the English version of the website you want to use.

There is no need to choose English as the website translator because English is the standard one. When you are done translating, click the "Translate" icon. In a few seconds the website will be displayed with the English version. Please open your web page and go to the Bing Translator website at

Type the name of the website you want to convert into English in the textfield. Keep the preset languages as "Auto-detect" and "English". Press the "Translate" pushbutton. Immediately displays the website, even if the translations have not yet been finished. It takes less than a moment to get the text translated.

Please open your webbrowser and visit the Free Website Translations website at Browse down the page and choose the source website for the website you want to work with. In the drop-down list click on "Target language" and choose "English" as the destination country. Press the "Translate" pushbutton. Instantly see your website in translation.

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