How to make a website using Wordpress for free

Creating a free website with Wordpress

With this version of WordPress you can create your own website and it will host it for you. Creating a website with Wordpress: Brian Patrick, The Beginner's Blueprint for creating a professional website in 3 easy stages (Plus 40+ Premium Wordpress Video Tutorials), Brian Patrick, eBook

Unfortunately, many of them do little more than give instruction to users to sign up for web hostings (usually via a website linked to the author) and install WordPress. Here, would-be site owner can have the bare shell of a website on site, but they need a different guide (or more) for it to appear and work like a normal website.

Luckily, in "How to Use WordPress to Build a Website", Brian Patrick offers novice users an up-to-date, complete, easy-to-understand guide that explains most of WordPress's shared functions and gives them enough information to build a decent-looking website with a proper number of "bells and whistles".

" And although it is aimed at complete novices, even seasoned WordPress practitioners should be able to get some useful information from the work. As Patrick begins with the fundamentals, he explains how webmasters work. Instead, it gives some guidance on how to select an actual domainname (including the explanation of the distinction between using an SEO-optimized and a trademark domain).

It also gives advices on things to consider when selecting a web site and some free options like instead of default web site web site web site web site web site web site web site web site hosting. Similarly, when discussing the WordPress setup, he not only assumes that the reader has a webmaster that provides a one-step setup, but also shows them how to directly downloaded and installed from the WordPress website.

Then Patrick will explain the basic WordPress elements: topics, plug-ins, widgets, pages and postings. They explain what to look out for in a topic and provide hyperlinks to several favorite sites that provide content on topics of interest. Also discussing some keys and how to use them, he shows the reader how to find other plugs.

Then he gives some suggestions on how to actually set up the site, as well as how to create menu, pages and postings. Honestly, although this is good information and more complete than what is available from most of the other travel guides I have been reading, a real novice would probably not be able to get very far to set up his website exclusively on the information included in the 76 pages of this work.

Patrick, however, offers the reader an invaluable extra boost that provides the information most people need. There is a hyperlink in Patrick's books that gives the reader easy entry to his own website where they can view a number of 23 movies (in his books Patrick says there are 40 movies, but there are currently only 23) that detail the basics of WordPress, from the explanation of what you can do with dashboards, to how to create, edit and format articles, to how to add images, sound and graphics to the website.

The majority of these video clips are three to five minute long and show the viewer current WordPress displays and menu and exactly what they need to click on. Video's are easily understandable and comprehensible and show many samples of the results that spectators get when they choose different choices. Spectators will probably take about 1-2 hrs to go through the video, and of course they will be able to play the video as needed.

Instead, they were made by and are available to everyone from a website named .... for a prize. Everyone who visits the UP101 website pays at least $19 to gain full video exposure, significantly more than the full costs of Patrick's books if not eligible.

I think more than just purchasing the books warrants getting these extensive and informational video clips along with the books. Complete novices should be able to build a good-looking website with adequate features within a few hour, while more advanced users are likely to find some information that will help them enhance the look and feel and operations of a website.

Even though most people will probably want to do some more research, especially to look at the different choices for topics and plug-ins, Patrick's books may well be the most precious individual resource they can find before they create their website.

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