How to make a Weebly site

Creating a Weebly Website

Many reasons to want or need a website. Ideally, you could integrate some social tools from other websites. Restoring a Weebly Website from an Archive Need to recover Weebly from an archived filename? One of the most important things about the way your website is managed is the back-up to it. We know, however, that recovering a back-up is not simple for novices.

So, this tutorial will show you how to recover a Weebly website.

Incidentally, before we go into more detail and if you haven't done so yet, you should take a look at our prior tutorial on how to secure a Weebly website. It is important to have your own back-ups and every administrator should keep a copy of them to recover them in case of an incident.

The same is true for the Weebly website. The problem is, however, that Weebly unfortunately does not provide a full backup/restore option, and administrators should be mindful of this fact to prevent unexpected scenarios after setting up a fairly large website with Weebly. We mean here that the backed up Weebly cannot be loaded into another Weebly site, it is more than a private back-up, which destroys the actual function of the back-up.

The only way to copy and past the contents from the archival back up is for someone who has a bug with the latest release of their website to do so, which is really timeconsuming for a bigger website. Briefly, to recover your Weebly website with the created back-up archives, you need to open the HTML pages by hand, use any IDE and copy and past the contents into your Site Editor and then republish them.

There is an alternate way to recover a Weebly website. Our answer is to just get in contact with the Weebly technical staff and ask them to do it for you. We' ve seen several cases where site owner have asked the Weebly staff to recover their mistakenly removed sites and receive favorable feedback.

To contact the Weebly staff, use the on-line forum or send an e-mail to Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful in helping you understand how to recover Weebly from your backups. Maybe you'd also like to see our definitive Weebly safety manual for novices.

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