How to make a Weebly website Private

Making a Weebly Website Private

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Web site developers can help you safe a great deal of your precious resources and your precious resources by trying to create a Web site, we provide a place for you to share your Web site experiences with others in the Web site developer Community and ask any question you may have. Is there a way to make one of my Weebly pages private?

In order to make one of your Weebly pages private, just go through these easy step! Log on to Weebly. Please click on the name of the page you want to make private. Modify the visibilities for the page you select by using the Visibilities drop-down arrows.

What do I do to make my website private?

Hello, so I made my website and want to release it soon, but I was really looking forward to someone helping me. Secondly, if this is available as an optional extra, can it be done under the free sub-domain options, or do I have to buy the 5/mo entry fee?

Somewhere I was reading that you can conceal pages from searching, but I had hoped to be able to conceal the whole site. Hopefully someone will understand what I am trying to accomplish and I would be very happy to hear any advise on this issue.

Restricting Page Visibility for Members - Weebly Help Center

Each page on your site has a privacy preference that is set to Public by default. Of course, this standard configuration means that every user of your website can see the page. They can modify the appearance of any page so that it is secured by a passwort, or so that only certain members or groups can see it.

If you want to see and modify this preference, choose the Pages page tabs, choose your page from the side bar, and click Visibility. Modifying this option allows you to restrict your site to any number of users so that only members (or even certain members) can see it. When you want to secure this page with only one user name, choose Site password.

Then go to your Preferences page and down to Site Passwords, type the desired passphrase and click Save. Choose Members displays your complete membership listing so that you can choose certain persons to be granted page permission. Clicking the Choose Groups pushbutton gives you more power over a greater number of persons by giving you greater freedom to choose a group (or groups) of members that you have previously made.

As soon as you have restricted your exposure in this way (and re-published your website), only the members or groups you have chosen will be able to use it.

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