How to make a Wix website

Creating a Wix Website

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Shopify vs WordPress: Creating a website

After having created and commercialized over ten years hundred of web sites, I am often asked which is the best, least expensive or quickest way to create a web site. Since many of the other on-line guidelines are quite obsolete, I thought I'd compose this one to see how to create a website.

What website builders are the best? 99. 99% of cases is the best site for build a website WordPress. At the time of writing, making a website with WordPress was quite complex. This included database setup, making changes to your codes, and manual configuration of your domains name and web hostings before you could start installing WordPress.

I' ve been updating this article because things have really improved thanks to Bluehost. Bluehost gives you a free domainname that is part of your webhosting, and you have a one-click WordPress installer that does the entire install for you (free). As a matter of fact, Bluehost is the only web host that is directly endorsed by WordPress, and they also came second in our poll among the best web hosters.

Since the costs for host a WordPress website on Bluehost are much lower than for creating a website on Wix or Shopify, there is really no good excuse anymore for not using WordPress (unless you are constructing an on-line store, in which case Shopify is pay off). Initially I suggested Wix and Shopify because they were much simpler to set up than WordPress, but that's no longer the case if you're using Bluehost.

I' ve abandoned the section on creating a website on Wix and Shopify below in case you choose to use them. But I will concentrate the bulk of this article on WordPress, as I believe it is by far the best site for creating a website. Otherwise, just browse down and we'll tell you the three things you need to know to set up a website.

To create a website you need three things: Webhosting - This is the "webspace" where you are uploading the website to. If someone enters your domainname, webpages are prepared by your webhost. Instead of coding each page of your website in HTML, you can use a CMS to create pages and make changes to their designs without having to type at all.

WordPress, Wix and Shopify are just a few example of our CMS. When you use a web host like Bluehost, all three things are contained in one package: you get a free domainname when you sign up for your web host, and then you can download and use WordPress (the CMS) with one click.

More than 78,000,000,000 Web sites use WordPress, 22% of which are in the top 100. It' s totally free and is the most efficient and versatile website construction tool. Since WordPress is so beloved, ten thousand humans have developed plug-ins and topics that allow you to create a nice website with unbelievable features without any programming skills.

No matter if you want to include a slide control to your homepage, a basket system or a member system, there are plug-ins that you can easily set up with a few mouse clicks to provide this additional feature. So how can we start to set up WordPress? Now, the first thing to do is create our affiliate and apply for a free Bluehostomainname.

Go to the Bluehost website and click Get Launched. This will take you to a page where you can type in a free registration name. In most cases, if you are asking yourself what ending you should use (.com,, . info, or . net), I advise you to try to get

If, for example, you have created a website for Spaniards, you can sign up at . When you insist on a particular domainname, but the .com is used, the second best choice is to use . co, . org or the expansion of your land (e.g.

Blue host is really affordably priced for the level of service they provide ($4.95/month), and that's the only cost you'll have to foot to create your website unless you choose to upgrade to a premier site for your website (I'll explain this later). As soon as you have set up your free registration and your free domainname, you can login to your checkbox below.

You want to search from here for the badge'Install WordPress', which I have encircled in rot. Simply obey the directions until you get to this page where you can click 'Install'. Once the setup is complete, you will need to go to: www.yourwebsite. com/wp-admin/ (simply append /wp-admin) at the end of youromainname.

You' ll then have to log on to your website with the logon information you provided during setup, and that's it! You have WordPress formally up and running and are willing to change the look and feel of your website and add your own text. In the following I have described how to setup WordPress by hand, for those who do not use the one-click Bluehost installer.

But if you used the one-click installation procedure, you can now bypass selecting a topic and the installation. When you do not use the one-click installation feature of Bluehost, you must have WordPress uploaded and installed by hand. In order to do this, you must first have WordPress downloaded to your computer (it's free).

In order to do this, go to and get the latest one. Basically, we need to move the WordPress installers located on your computer (on the far right of the screen) to your web browser (on the far right of the screen) using simple drag and drop. Click on the "Drag and drop" button.

To the right of the page there is a file with the name'Public HTML', click on it as we will upload here WorldPress. Click on the download link named "Wordpress" on the far right of the window and pull everything into the public_html area.

Once this is complete, we only need to do two more things to get our website up and running, set up our data base and process our wp-config. php-files. In order to set up your data base, go to your web hosting and login via the web site controls pane. Browse down and click the MySQL databases icon.

Build a data base by completing the different boxes (username, data base name, password). Once this has been done, you will need to open FileZilla again and find the file'wp-config-sample.php' located in the home folder. As soon as your name server has been upgraded (24-48 hours), you can go to the website and see that WordPress has been successfully deployed.

As soon as you are in this phase, you will need to type the name of your website and register an affiliate profile. It' now your turn to design your website with a so-called design. With your site now up and running, we need to make it look the way you want it to.

In order to do this, we need to get a topic. ThemeForest is my favorite place to find WordPress topics, where you can find a nice topic for under 15 pounds light. As soon as you have selected a design you like, please fetch it and load it (via File Zilla) into the folder "themes" (you can find it by pressing "public html", then "wp-content" and then "themes").

Then login to your WordPressashboard ( ) and click on "Appearance" and "Topics". Then you need to activate/install your design by click on "Activate". As soon as this is completed, your new topic will be broadcast via streaming. Happy birthday - you have now completed the installation of WordPress! Now you can start to add and customize your website so that you can start advertising it!

Please check the website name of your website to make sure everything is in order and that your design is properly setup. Wix is fast and simple to create - you can experience a website within 10 min. or more. Disadvantage of using Wix is that you have restricted your ability to develop the features of your website.

But if you are just looking for a fast website to advertise your service or make a blogs, it may be appropriate. First of all, go to the Wix website. All you need to do is obey the prompts to setup your free website and open an affiliate license. As soon as you are inside, you can select your website templates.

As soon as you have selected your website style sheet, you will be taken to the Wix Website Designer, where you can modify the look and feel of your website. Once you've added all the pages you need and are satisfied with the site's contents and look, you can click the Share icon at the top right and go ahead.

Make sure you've gone to the Preferences page and activated your site to find your contents before you go online - otherwise you'll have a hard time attracting visitors! After all, you will most likely want to update your Wix accounts, at least to the minimal level that allows you to have a customized domainname (otherwise your website will only be available at

This way you don't have to be worried that your website will go down if you get too much Traffic. That' it - your website is now alive and waiting for the promotion! The Shopify is a good choice for those who want to build an on-line shop. Establishing an e-commerce shop with WordPress can be a big challenge if you have never done it before.

There are many useful plugs that make it simpler, but it's still a small one. Similar to Wix and Bluehost / WordPress, everything is contained in the month rate, so you don't have to bother about web hostings or the registration of aomainnames. In order to create your Shopify shop, just go to the Shopify website and obey the Shopify user guide.

Your first steps on Shopify are to create the design of your website. In contrast to WordPress or Wix, you don't have a wide range of ready-made designs to pick from, you just pick the colors, layouts and styling you want. As soon as you're satisfied with the selected styles, you can see a thumbnail of your design and proceed to the next stage by selecting a subscription schedule.

Shopify has four blueprints, from $14/month to $179/month. As soon as you have selected your schedule, you can start to add items and prepare your website for launch. The addition of contents and optimization of your website is similar to the above example, although it is obviously more e-commerce oriented than Wix or WordPress.

Shopify, for example, requires you to set up checkout detail and shipment handler information. With Shopify, that's it - just set up an affiliate with Shopify, customize your design, select a schedule and include the product! Let us now discuss one of the most ignored issues in the development of a website; advertising for it.

Naturally, setting up your website is only the beginning. In order to bring prospective clients and visitors to your website, you need to define a promotional policy for your website in one place. Whilst website promotions is a whole issue in itself (and I've already extensively covered it), I'll adhere to some of the fundamentals here.

Can' t emphasize how important it is to create a mailinglist with your readership or prospective clients. One of the biggest source of Google site visitation on most sites. You' ll want to make sure that your website is well optimized for advanced analytics to generate your own personalization.

But if you have chosen WordPress, I suggest that you install the WordPress Yoast WordPress Search Engine plug-in, which is free and will greatly enhance your site's capacity to occupy a place in Google. Hopefully this manual was useful and made it easy for you to set up your website.

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