How to make Android like Iphone

Making Android like an iPhone

Watch this great video tutorial to make your Android phone look just like Iphone X. Link: P Androidges are like the iPhone control system P iPhone. Android P Launch Monitor. Android on your mobile with functions that make it behave more like an iPhone X. At the moment, most Android mobile handsets have three soft keys at the bottom of the display.

You return to the old display, you return to the home display, and a third one opens a submenu.

This is how it looks for example on my Galaxy S9+: The Android P will remove two of the keys - the Back key and the Menus key - so you can use gesture and a unique Home key to communicate with Android. I' ve begun to test it on Google's Pixel 2 XL with a Beta release of the program, and it works really well.

The Android P gesture is here: By dragging the symbol at the bottom of the window, you can see all your open programs, so you can quickly move between them. When you' re scrolling up from the center of the page, you can see your most frequently used application, the Google search bar, and all your open application windows.

When you move up from the bottom of the window, you will see all your Android applications in use. Dragging down will still display your alert message to you. Painting on the monitor shows your Google Assistant interests, such as pending dates, invoices and messages. Hint: For some of these gesture the "Back" icon will appear at the bottom of the display so that it has not disappeared entirely.

This is comparable to how an iPhone functions. iPhone has no home key, but also depends on gestures: Scrolling up while in an application returns you to the home page. Stroke up and keep it there for a second to see all your open applications.

Painting from the top right of the screen shows the Control Center for Wi-Fi management and other features. Painting from the top of the screen on the upper right will show all your alerts. Stroke across the screen to see your calendars, Siri application proposals and other application widgets. Just click on the desired one. Well, I like the new gesture a lot.

While it took some getting used to on iPhone X, after six month I find it much more convenient to use than a homekey. With Android, those who depend on the latest layouts may also need to adapt, but it works really well and makes it much faster to change applications and move around the phone's UI.

Remember, unlike Apple, Google doesn't really enforce its ease of use from Android mobile manufacturers. This means that Samsung and LG and other Google affiliates don't necessarily have to depend on you - or just make it an optional feature in the preferences. In addition, Google's new Android fixes may take Google month or even more than a year to access your current handsets, so it may not be a fix you see immediately, but one you'll see later this year or on your next Android handset.

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