How to make Android look like Ios

Android how to make it look like Ios

It's a question many Android users ask. Making an Android look like an iPhone 7 Android' operating system is so customisable that you can even make your Home screen look like an iPhone 7. To have an iOS 10 topic on your own Android machine, please obey the instructions provided below. The only thing you have to do is to read the instructions below thoroughly and get the applications mentioned.

Even though they are not absolutely necessary, they make the overall impression better. As soon as you have each of the four above mentioned applications you will be guided through the necessary process to make your Android look like an iPhone 7. Start by installing eLauncher after you download it from the above mentioned download area. Then open the eLauncher application and you can immediately see the similarity with iOS 10.

Although your Home screen now looks like an iPhone 7 Home screen, there's still a great deal of work to be done to persuade someone to use iOS 10. Next, you need to open and configure the iNoty utility. Use the iNoty-app to imitate the iOS messaging system.

To turn on iNoty, perform the following actions. Type here to open iNoty from your new eLauncher home screen. You now have the alert system and the iOS 10 home screen, but you still need to set up the iOS keypad. Proceed as follows to set up the keypad. Type here to open the Emoji keyboard 7 application on the new Home screen of your emoji launcher.

Navigate through the set-up assistant. Now that the set-up assistant is complete, in the new Emoji 7 keypad 7 pull down the " local " tab and touch to choose White Flat. Now you can test your new iOS 10 keypad. There is now another application that needs to be set up to get the full iOS 10 experience.

This section explains how to set up the OS 10 Application CC. Please complete the following procedure. Type here to open the OS 10 Control Centre application from the new Home screen of your HomeLauncher. Touch the button to activate the Activate Button Panel. An iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS iOS 10 iOS iOS 10 iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS iOS by swinging from the bottom of the screen.

Some fine-tuning is available that you can do to get the full iOS gaming effect. First, you must go to the preferences application, tapping the launchers button and navigating to the preferences chooser to select the standard iOS 10 wall paper. Second, if you have custom keys on your monitor and want to fade them out, see our How to fade out on-screen keys on Android.

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