How to make Android look like Iphone

Making Android look like an iPhone

Android phones can look just like Iphone X with a notch. No matter how limited the iPhone is, the iOS user interface looks really stylish. Making Android iOS is a question most users ask. All you have to do is install and set up the apps listed below and you're done!

This is how your Android looks exactly like an iPhone

And with all the iPhone and iOS coverages lately, you can experience a little iPhone jealousy. Of course, your Android mobile already has many iOS 5 capabilities, but for some simple reasons the iPhone just looks more sexy. In order to help you in this challenging period, we have found a free application that makes your Android mobile look just like an iPhone.

esper Launcher will replace your standard android home screen with an iPhone-like surface. Impressive enough, Esperi even works like an iPhone swip link to browse your mobile device, creating directories by drag and drop application icon, moving up to display the multi-tasking taskbar, and displaying notifications about news and calls missed.

Scroll up, for example, to view the multi-tasking taskbar, and then right to see useful links to Wi-Fi, speed locks, networking preferences, clarity, and soundlevel. If you have an older Android mobile device, the user experience may be a little delayed, but can be enhanced by pressing the Menus key, the Preferences, and disabling Animations effect.

In order to deinstall an application from the home page, touch and Hold an application symbol and press X. To reorder applications, touch and Hold any application and drop the symbols to the required position. In order to make Espier Launcher your standard user experience, touch the Home Buttons, select the checkbox next to "Use as your standard for this action" and touch Espier Launcher.

Let us be frank - it's probably just a question of getting Espier out of the Android Market. Get it now so you can just sit back and relax for a while.

Android how to make it look like iPhone (iOS) - Total Customization

Seriously, no matter how limited the iPhone has, the look and feel is really stylish with iPhone's graphical environment. The majority of folks these days are using Android equipment because of its versatility and it is readily integrates with other applications. So if you want to get that iPhone feeling on your Android, I'll show you some applications in this section that will completely change your Android on an iPhone.

When your machine is on low resources (memory or RAM), you should not try to get all of these applications because your telephone may become too slow. If this is the case, it is advisable to just dowload iLauncher and iNoty as these are the major applications and the remainder are just option. It is the primary application that displays the iconic icon and icon on your Android devices.

And if you don't like the xOS Lanuncher, you can try the best iPhone Launches for Android. iNoty adds the iPhone' own built-in template creation tool, namely the iPhone Notification Center, and a slim progress panel to your iNoty. This also shows the alert balloons for certain applications when used with iLauncher. You use this application to get the iOS-style locking display on your Android devic.

When you look for iPhone locking screens in the Google Play Store, you will find tonnes of applications available there, but the main thing I chose this one is that it allows us to tailor everything to your needs. Hint - Before you apply this locking, you must first deactivate your present one.

This can be done by going to Settings - Security - Screen Block - None, which gives you more customisation possibilities. It' now up to you to install an iOS-style galleries on your Android machine. That'?s what the gallery looks like. This looks exactly like an iPhone OS keypad, but if you are confronted with any kind of errors in this keypad, you can use Go Keys, which is a great option to this application.

Go keyboards require you to choose the iPhone 5S Styles keyboards themes to get an iPhone 5S Styles keypad. These apps add this function to your Android devices. Once installed, simply push it from bottom to top and you will see that the Command Centre is similar to ifOS.

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