How to make Android Phone like Iphone

Making Android Phone like Iphone

Choose Phone X Launcher and enable Allow Usage Tracking. Buy an Android smartphone and set it up to look like iPhone X. Here are some of the best iOS launchers and applications so we can add some iOS flavor to our device. Do you want your phone to have a layout that's just like a Windows phone?

Top 10 Why an Android Phone Is Better Than an iPhone

Recently this item was refreshed on September 26, 2018, following the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR launches. Scour down to see my 10 rationales why an Android phone is better than an iPhone! Recently there have been releases/announcements of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9/S9+, Google Pixel 2, LG G7, HTC U12 Life and many other mobile devices.

Every phone share is like a mentos falling into a 2-liter cola - a new blast of discussion that is overwhelming the community networks about who has the "best" phone. Andreid! S9 Galaxy! iPhone XS! Is Android mobile phone or iPhone better? Continue reading to find out why an Android phone is better than an iPhone.

I' m not and never was an Apple-lover. Currently I own an Android phone (a Galaxy S7 Edge), I have a Windows-based desk top both at work and at home, I own a Macbook Pro, a Windows notebook and I have an iPad Pro at work. Personally, I just think that an Android phone is better than an iPhone, and I'll give my reason for that.

As an example, an item entitled 5 Grounds why the iPhone still proposes Android on The Daily Dot. For my part, I think the 5 causes given in the paper why the iPhone still hits Android are at best miserable, and I don't concentrate on anything like hard drive, which, well, is very important if you're looking at all the IS hard drive on your phone without considering what kind of soft drive is on it.

There are 5 main articles in this paper that concentrate on consistence, the Apple App Store, market penetration of genomic programs, "Crapware" and Home Basic. Every reason is software-based or has to address issues related to how Apple does things. Well, it's my turn to tell you 10 things why an Android phone is better than an iPhone:

If you decide on an Android mobile phone, you have a seemingly infinite number of options for mobile phone use. Would you like a phone that does everything the phone normally does, along with ultra good photos? Purchase a phone that focuses on the camcorder. Want a durable phone that can take the many falls?

Would you like a phone with a 4K display and not a 720-1080p display? Would you like a phone with a smaller or larger shapefaktor? An Android phone covers all this and much more. That' the nice thing about Android mobiles - you can get the one that suits you.

Well, with an iPhone, well, it's just an iPhone. Of course, you can get 2 or 3 choices for a smaller or larger phone that has slightly different hard drive, but that's it. Cameras, screens, built-in equipment, etc. will be the same from one modell to another. This is my favourite part about Android mobiles - accommodation.

Android is the right phone for you if you want to customise your phone. Don't you like the default keypad Android brings with it? Don't you like the whole launch that operates your mobile phone? Do you want your smartphone to have a Windows like smartphone look and feel? Now, Apple loves to keep things easy and user-friendly, which is okay.

So why does Apple copy many things that Android has had for a long and long period with the publication of every single edition of iPhoneOS? "When you want a phone with the latest functions from 2 years ago, buy an iPhone. Thanks to Google, Android had all these functions long before Apple published them with new releases of iPhoneOS.

" It' sure to say that most of the latest and best softwares feature Android and Apple is always lagging behind. Plusroid win. And I think that the question of what kind of computer really makes the difference between Android and Apple is the same. Folks can fight all the time about which piece of better programming is better for one or another purpose, but you can't fight for better and quicker pieces of equipment at a lower cost.

To simplify matters, I will only concentrate on two telephones for this category: the Apple iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9+, as they are the latest Apple and Samsung flag ship. Remember that the Galaxy S9+ was launched in March 2018 and the iPhone XS in September 2018, which means that the iPhone XS is 6-month newer.

The following chart shows both telephones with their respective specifications: The Galaxy S9+ has several benefits over the iPhone XS, as you can see from the technical comparisons. Galaxy S9+ has some stunning specifications, not to speak of how good it looks. Galaxy S9+ offers significantly improved image capture compared to earlier Galaxy cameras, plus a floating iris (how much exposure is allowed into the lens when shooting), which is very helpful in low lighting conditions.

Featuring specifications like an octa cores CPU, more random access memory than iPhone X, over 30% more rechargeable power, a higher PPI and the fact that it has both a print and face detection function, it should be a cinch that the Galaxy S9+ is the clear winners when it comes to hard drive.

Indeed, take a look at my phone reviews from the past to see how dominant Samsung was over Apple in the past: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. LG G3 vs. HTC One (M8) Spec Compare - You'll see that the iPhone 6 wins no other class than the "Dimensions/Weight" class because it's 1 mm slimmer and 0.45 z lighter than the Galaxy S5.

Google Play Store is awesome. I' ve used both the Google Play Store and the Apple app store quite often. Both are very good apple shops - better than the Amazon apple store, that's for sure. However, this is not the point at which the benefit for Android lies. This has the added benefit that it' much simpler to submit an application to the Google Play Store than to go through the Apple Store.

Yes, that's because Apple is going through a painstaking review of your application that you submitted to ensure it complies with its policies. If you do something as stupid as using the "chevron" icon the wrong way, Apple will refuse your application access to the Apple Retail App Store. However, it's much simpler to post your Android-generated application to the Google Play Shop.

And you don't have to go through half the things you have to go through with Apple. It makes your lifestyle less stressing, and I like that. Do you know how many individuals have mobile phone malware, especially from an application they download from the Apple Retail store?

Just like when you buy an article on-line, when you discuss the purchase of an article, you buy the article that is ranked 4. 5/5 star by 2,000 or the article that is ranked 1. 5/5 star by 700? Using brains and sunbathing in fame, use your sanity and it's simple to get your freshly crafted Android application into the Google' play store so everyone can see it.

While this is somewhat related to the Customization section, Widget's have long been a big plus for Android over iOS. To " prevent disorder ", Apple has decided not to have a widget available on any of your home displays. "Why? Having widgets on my Android Home monitors is one of my favorites about Android.

With Android you have all kinds of Widget that you can place on your home screen. Those Widget can be anything from a customized watch, meteorology, alarms, instant phone call to your phone contact, torch, email, news and so much more. Multi-tasking has also been available on Android for some time, and it is very simple to use.

Please note: Apple has developed the capability for multi-tasking, but is only partially usable on iPhone and iPad. As Android has been multi-tasking for so long and does it so well, they still take the pie via it. Most Android mobile handsets provide extensible storage. This means that you can open the rear panel or a slit on the side of your phone and insert a microphone SD key that will become an extra storage space for your phone.

How's Apple doing? Now, they've never provided extensible space for the iPhone. Instead, they would prefer if you paid them an unjustified amount of cash to expand your iPhone from 64GB basic to 256GB or 512GB built-in store. Took my Galaxy S7 Edge with 32 GB built-in RAM and added another 64 GB SD mic and voila!

Now my phone has 96 GB and how much did it pay me? 19 dollars for the SD memory stick. Plusroid win. But some Android mobile telephones out there have a detachable rechargeable cell that you can take out and change yourself, or wait according to your wishes. When you use a phone for a while, the rechargeable batteries begin to loose their initial power.

So let's say you have an iPhone for a long while and it doesn't take long before it needs a load. Too bad, you' ll have to go to the Apple Retail Shop or a shop that can fix it, or just do it. An Android phone that has a detachable rechargeable cell phone lets you simply go to Amazon and buy a basic rechargeable cell phone for your phone style (usually about $20) and install it.

Your phone's batteries will be as good as new! They' re the default charging device for a myriad of gadgets out there, plus Android cellphone. Almost all Android mobile telephones use either Micro-USB or USB-C charging units. So what's Apple got? Now, they chose to make their own charging units, known as flash cabling. These are not only different and can only be used for Apple equipment, but also of very poor workmanship.

You ask me, why would Apple do that? Apple would be losing cash if it converted all its iPhones to rechargeable USB-C sockets. Plus, if your Apple battery recharger goes down, you'll have to withdraw even more of your hard-earned cash to buy a new one. I have been using the same battery recharger for over 3 years without any problem for my Samsung telephones.

At the Apple end, I'm currently on my sixth Macbook Per battery pack ($80/each) and my fourth iPod pack ($19/each) because they just drop apart so quickly. They are the three major battery packs for iPads, iPhones and Macbook Pros. Specifically, this is focused on the Galaxy Note 3 vs. the iPhone 6 Plus discussion that took place several years ago.

Because there are so many Android mobile telephones, there is no way to test the shelf life of all Android mobile telephones. But Samsung got a special warmth to make his telephones (e.g. Galaxy S5) from Polycarbonat (tough plastic) and not from aluminium like the iPhone and some other telephones.

Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge are now made of long lasting aluminium with glas front and back. When it comes to the material they use to make their mobile phone, Samsung and other businesses have really strengthened their position. Consider the bending experiments done a few years ago with an iPhone 6 Plus and a Galaxy Grade 3.

Since the iPhone 6 Plus is such a large slice of aluminium, it's no wonder it flexes and remains so. Besides, how many of you use a bag on your cell phone? I' m always on a case on my cell phone. The Galaxy S5 and other poly-carbonate phone users may detest anything you want on plastics, but it's proved its worth!

Finally, the Galaxy S5 I used to own was never curved and remained curved when I kept it in my bag for a long while. The following section covers other functions offered by certain Android mobile devices that only come with the iPhone 7. You are like the "Cherry on Top" of all other featured sites.

Certain Android mobile devices, for example, have some or all of the following features: Waterproof and dustproof - Update: iPhone XS is the first phone to be IP68-rated. And Samsung had an IP68-certified phone years before Apple. Wireless / Quick Charge - Update: iPhone X can now be recharged without wires - several years after Android had it.

HAPPIC RECORD - Update: iPhone 7 now has hAPPIC RECORD - 2 years after Android had it. As I said, not all Android mobiles have all these things (some have few or none), but the Galaxy S8 has all these things (except the IR blaster).

iPhone 7 was the only iPhone that had these things until it was published. Galaxy S5 had all these things a few years ago..... Altogether, both Android mobile and iPhones have their pros and cons. While I could be writing an essay about some iPhone benefits over an Android phone, I think the Android benefits overwhelm the benefits you get with an iPhone.

And if you want to take advantage of the benefits described in this paper, such as a wealth of phone features, adaptability, better hard drive and extensible storage, to name a few, choose an Android phone. So if you have a simpler, more user-friendly surface for someone who may not be so technically minded and who doesn't like to have a range of customisation possibilities, take an iPhone.

As Samsung, LG, Sony and other large corporations have begun to outperform Apple, especially in the field of electronics, Apple has some backlog if they hoped to continue to compete with other flag-ship mobile handsets. Best part is, all these businesses that come out with big cell phones are continually heating up the competition, both of which is great for us consumer.

Competitiveness is bringing us these cutting-edge technology, telephones, operating system and pricing at such a rapid rate.

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