How to make Android Phone look like Iphone

Making Android Phone look like an Iphone

You can use these personalization applications, tricks and settings to make them your own. Learn how to customize your Android phone exactly the way you want it. There are 15 ways to make your Android phone look like an iPhone

As an Android user, you're probably a little fed up torturing iPhone 4S users, but just like a city trailer hidden in the rows of United enthusiasts, the best guideline for a peaceful lifestyle is to adapt. We won't allow it, but Android is a much more agile creation than just iPOS, with a few applications and optimizations it can make you say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a nice iPhone, I got one, too," and nobody will be.

It' not that this is a purely cosmetical process: there are keyboard, app and tweak features that make the iPhone easy to use. The iPhone Go Launcher EX themme is a nice free design for the superb Go Launcher EX skin and home display substitution system. Built-in standard symbols, docks, and backgrounds are included to give you an iPhone experience.

At less than a quid, another Go Launcher themes grabs everything you need to deceive your iPhone buddies. So if you are not a Go Launcher enthusiast or don't want a spare home monitor system because it can slow down less capable telephones, why not try a simple symbol set? Together with a new background image and some of our other proposals, the iPhone Symbol Kit will provide a real iPhone look. iPhone Symbol Folders works similarly to a number of other Android Desktop folders, but incorporates the classic iPhone symbol clustering styles.

LockBot may look a bit coarse and finished, but in use its iPhone theme castle monitor does the work. As soon as you are tired of deceiving your buddies, there are many other different types to pick from, among them a Honeycomb. Chargeable lockout screens may seem like a leap too far, but WidgetLocker Lockscreen is definitely value it.

In contrast to LockBot, it hides the standard Android toolbar so that the locking monitor looks completely reasonable. When you switch from an iPhone to Android, you may not have an on-screen keypad. The Android is so versatile that you can use alternate themes. A. I. type is an outstanding first choise that imitates the iPhone keypad to perfection.

The GO Keyboard & iPhone themes may not be as compelling for an iPhone themes like the A.I. Type One, but the GO Keyboard System itself is definitely deserving of many sophisticated prediction and speech features. Miss ing your old iPhone Mail application, try InoMail, which looks the same from the file display up to the message scanner itself, you'll be at home.

Like the Android iSMS application, which opens a text messaging dialog when a new post is received, so you can instantly view and react to it, which helps actually enhance Android garbage alerts. The Handcent Text Messaging is a theme-based text messaging system with an iPhone foil verdant and gray conversational modes that looks just like the iPhone.

The Go Contact EX & iPhone Thme Free is something very unique as it is a contact substitute application that can be thematized with an iPhone styled skins that is much better than the iPhone version. It' not easy to overlook the iPhone Note App's classical gelbe Hintergrund and bright write styles, but Note Lite riffles, albeit perfect, to the point of fonts, and does a whole bunch more, like twitter note splitting and Google Calendar assistance.

It' at the bottom of our page, but it' still a useful application because it has a free pocket calculator that works perfect and can completely deceive your iPhone mates. If you''re an enthusiast of iPhones, you'll all be able to talk to Siri on their iPhones, so you can take part in Vlingo's "fun" trial, which offers all the features of Siri without the need for an inexpensive iPhone.

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