How to make Child Theme

Creating a child topic

Create a directory for the subordinate topic in the existing directory wp-content/themes. At any time you can create a child for it that looks the same and works the same. When you need to change a template file, we recommend that you create a child theme instead of editing the template files.

How to make a child topic ?

WordPress suggests that if you intend to customise your design, you should safeguard all your heavy work with a child theme. It is important if you are scheduling a change, as it is likely that they will be overridden the next time the theme is updated. Best way to get protected is a child design where you can make and optimize a copy of a design's file without worrying about it being replaced by the design's next use.

It is recommended that all our clients make a sub topic, even if they do not intend to change the theme data base. Fortunately, it's not difficult to build one, you just have to obey the following directions. Learn how to design a child theme for Hestia. The only thing you have to do is to make a directory, a style sheet and a function name.

Make sure you have FTP before continuing with this document. Here is the list where all your topics lead a blissful sojourn. As soon as you have finished creating your folders, you need to add a style.css to them. It is a user-defined child design that I have made.

Now we have to download the themesheet of the superior design.

PLEASE NOTE: If you create a child topic for another topic, then you must substitute "Template: zerif-pro" above with the name of your topic example directory "Template: amadeus". add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'child_enqueue_styles',99); with a 10.

Go back to Appearance > Themes, in your WordPress Dashboard, and enable the new Child Theme. plug-in.

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