How to make my own Blog

Creating your own blog

Go to BYLT, browse the theme collection and find the right design for you. So, if you want to ask me about my letter, ask me about my letter, not about views, followers, etc., I'm not asking you. Three things are needed to create a WordPress blog: A lot of bloggers earn money by posting ads on their blog. Launching a blog:

This is how you launch your own blog and earn cash

This article explains the basic principles of how to launch and create a blog and how to begin making cash. It' s designed for novice bloggers and those who want to enhance their blogs and increase their earnings. I' m a tourist logger and a home school blogs, my on-line earnings support my familiy as we tour the globe.

I don't sell blogs here, all this information is available here, free of charge and in our Live Differently Facebook group, and you will be welcome to do so. We' ve also included some free hints and blogsheets elsewhere on this site and a "new Blogsheets Checklist" to be printed out will be sent to you when you sign up below.

Wish I'd had someone to shake hands with me in this 2012 blogging trial just for kicks. Some years later I have a big blog and 5 smaller ones that help my familiy finance a million dollar travelling life style with a decent salary.

These are the basic principles of how to create your own blog or website (they are the same) and a look at how Blogger earn cash for beginners, just like you or for those who want to increase their blogscome. We would be delighted if you would sign up for our e-mail newsletter, get an invite to our free travelling, lifestyles and blogs group along with printed pdf' about blogs and touring!

Keysword research and good governance are at the core of any financial blog, I'll tell you more about Long Tail Pro and other keysword research utilities in this article about making cash through blogs. When you do your research correctly, your contributions will be listed in Google from the very first tag and will attract the desired amount of visitors.

However, first let's go over the fundamentals of blogs. It' s easy to build a website that works, you can enhance it as you play, and you can earn cash and earn new skill. It' optionally and will not help your "real" blog at all, but it will help you find out if you really like blogs before you start spending it.

We would be delighted if you would sign up for our e-mail newsletter, get an invite to our free travelling, lifestyles and blogs group along with printed pdf' about blogs and touring! Establishing a "real" website is so inexpensive (usually under $10/month) that you can buy a top level site and host it right from the start.

I would also perhaps use search to find words with a lot of pedestrian flow, right from the start I would even use a search engine to select the name and alcove of my new website. There' a great way to do this, SiteGround, the recommended site host, gives you a free domainname with every site you host.

Hosted services start at well below $5 per month for a base pack. UPDATING: Unfortunately, SiteGround has ceased to offer this free domainname with any hosted packages, but the name will only be a few bucks, you can still buy your name through them. This website is dedicated to globetrotting and many families, so these words in the link were useful.

My suggestion would be not to restrict yourself by having your own familiy or children in your own URI. Now my children are adults and we are making more trips for adults, we are still sorted by these words and a little knowing and meta-descriptions help me take the "family" out of Google results and help me get more hits from non-family audiences.

Your host will store all your data and make sure everything runs as it should. It was great and I would still suggest it as a starting point, but after a while I grew beyond it and had to move, I moved to Blue Host, which was a catastrophe and only a few nights later moved to Site Ground Hosting.

That' s when I found out what good web site management and client service is all about! Please use the following links to go to their website and organize your webcasting. I' m not very technical when it comes to webcasting, they were great. Purchase your Site Ground Hosted Pack here. It' a free one-click update that can be downloaded from the web site of your host organization's web site.

Often folks believe that a website or blog needs to be "designed", it's not the case, you just buy a topic. I' ve taken some of my blog post from my old website (it was a Worpress hot com free site), that was very easy, just copy and paste. Just add it to your blog. Be careful not to copy any contents, Google doesn't like that and the initial contents will always have a higher ranking.

They need to know more about selling and selling and they need to use all major online channels to advertise their blog. One useful buying utility is Long Tail Pro, it finds keywords for you, telling you how much trafficking these keywords get and what your chances are of getting ranked for these keywords, you then type the contribution around the keyword to get the trafficking quickly.

I' ve written more about this utility in Make your First $1000 with Amazon, there's also a movie showing what you can do with it. I' ve also written these articles full of hints to expand your blog. In order to make your job much simpler, I have compiled this article on how to become a Pinterest Noble and how it should lead you to Pinterest Dominance.

I got 85% of my 85% all at once in intersting and my progress had a great deal to do with Board Booster, the intersting utility I vowed to use. Sadly, Board Booster no longer exist, so nowadays it' s not my best pal anymore, although it is still my number 1 supplier of softwares.

At the moment, about 90% of my traffic comes from the Google browse because I simply LOVE LEOEO. I' m coaching new bloodhounds. If you need a combination of approaches to generate revenue through posting, get every momentum going as quickly as possible and over the years your revenue will increase. There is no need to build a website to make a living, many folks do it for pleasure or to make a recording of their adventure, we even have children's blog as an education project.

If you can make a few bucks with your effort, why not? There' s no point in being snobbish, not monetizing a blog, for me it's mad. Here is a fundamental look at how Blogger earn cash with what they like. Earning a lot of cash goes along with getting a lot of visitors, the look on the pages, the more visitors you have, the better your chance.

However, sometimes mere visitor is not the solution, for the sale you need specific visitor who are willing to buy. Writing things that are worth reading and that will be of value to them, with the words they are looking for, is the way to attract them. Even more important, they should like it so much that they divide it into different types of community content.

That' s why you see all the small sharing button icons on all sites, not because they look cute. There will be more visitors over the years, with a lot of great contents and great networks. I got 9,000 page impressions per year after 6 moths, which rose strongly as soon as Google gave me a page ranking.

However, the visitor comes from different resources like Google browse, online browse, picture browse, picture browse and more. They have to work on it to get the Google browse to, that's a bit too big to get it here. Googles "search engine optimization" what you need to do to make Google your website shows more visitors.

We' ve got a review here about the basics of using AEO for new Blogger. Naturally, many blogs complement their income through the sale of classes, e-books and photos. In order to turn your revenue into cash, you can add ads to your Google Adsense accounts. Googles selects the advertisement that best suits the needs of the individual user.

Don't think Adsense will make you wealthy, it won't. Others like Adsense like there are others, you can run more than one at the same time, "waterfall" advertisements will make you more cash, give him a Google. Affiliate referrals refer to selling pages on commercially available webpages and are another way how Blogger earn cash, there are tens of thousands of affiliate programs out there.

Do your first $1000 from Amazon Affiliates here. You' ll probably find that you make the most from the US, but here's the hook, you can't get easy hold of that cash if you're not from the US and you don't want to end up like me with tens of millions of dollars in useless Amazon USA credit.

The Amazon payment goes directly to your paidoneer and you can use it anywhere in the game. Wish I'd done it a year ago, then I'd use that cash instead of asking myself what I could buy at Amazon US. I am happy that I can help humans through my own faults, but it makes me feeling pretty silly!

The best tip to make cash through your affiliated linking is to type the article matching the linked one. Larger and fiscally more successfull blogs are chasing recruiters, it's not something I've tried. It' easy to get advertiser to give their name or products to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram fans.

Now that the era of linking sales is almost over, this dubious practise of doing business with websites is disapproved of by Google, so it was never a good one. Miscellaneous benefits and financial incentives of blogging. Bloggers with societal impact get discounts. Unsurprisingly, we take up few of the free of charge tour packages, we only say yes if the transaction suits what we actually want to do.

So you still want to create a blog? The start of making a living took 6 month, it took me a while to find out how to turn blogs into a full-time support home revenue, but we finally got there. Wish I had had good web hostings from the beginning, poor web hostings kept me back.

My new ones are really great. I really like my new ones (at the bottom of the page), they're from Warfare, I payed for them and they do a lot of awesome things in no time. You' re gonna have to pay a little bit to make more moneys. Do you have any question about getting blogged? Please ask in our Living Differently group, I will help you if I can.

For MORE HELP, we also run a clandestine blogger group on a month-by-month base with hints, important information, video, links and documentation. Good luck launching your blog!

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