How to make my Phone look like an Iphone

Making my phone look like an iPhone

Get the most out of your iPhone, inside and out iPhone is a nice piece of equipment in its own right, but with tens of million iPhones on the market, it's not particularly likeable. No matter if you use a few simple moves or more complex changes, it's simple to put your own seal on your regular machine. So you can create customized cases, designs, symbols and more to modify your iPhone both inside and out.

Telephones have become our indispensable tools for work and leisure, but they don't always look and work the way we like them to. No matter if you want to modify the look of your iPhone, improve its features, or both, you have many choices. This article will deal with adaptation techniques for the soft- and hard-ware of your iPhone (i.e. "inside and outside").

"See The Inside for information on how to modify symbols, make customized and special background images, and design your machine. "This section helps you make individual cases, skin and other material for your iPhone. Your iPhone's interior or softwares are extremely customisable - probably more than you can even imagine.

No need to even put your iPhone in jail to make many adjustments (although the more complicated changes do). This section will show you how to modify your home screens symbols, get your background images to work, and how to totally modify the user experience as you know it. Prior to starting, you will need to install the great and free iExplorer app (works on both Windows and Mac), which allows you to connect to the filesystem of your iPhone.

With iExplorer, modifying your symbols is very easy. You must either load down your PNG symbols or make your own. If I' m looking for available icon's, my first stations are The Icon Factory (be sure to search and look for the "Flurry" sets) and deviantART. Here's a list of the available icon's. We have a leader who can help you.

As soon as you receive your new symbols, all you have to do is replace the right one. In order to start, open iExplorer and find the application you want to modify. If, for example, I'm looking on my iPhone (Dauphine) and for the Greplin application symbol, this is the way I would go:

As soon as you browse the app's resource, you have many file to browse. You must redo this procedure to modify all other symbols. Or you can make them think they're part of the user experience. So you can, for example, make racks, grid papers (see illustration on the right) and even a PacMan card.

If you want your desktop background to fulfill a larger function, there are many other choices available. If you want, you can make your own at any tim. The only thing you need to do is take a picture of your home page (by simultaneously pushing the padlock and home buttons) and send that picture to yourself by e-mail.

Then you can use this as a model to make a background picture of 960 x 540 pixels that integrates well with your symbols. So if you don't feel so ambitioned, but still want a little more individuality, take a look at an application named Pimp Your Screens ($1). As well as offering a wide range of background images that can be integrated with your symbols, it has a home video background creation feature that lets you insert different kinds of bookshelves into an icon.

In this way, you can easily design a customized look without interfering with Photoshop. Simply buy and deploy Gridlock ($2) from Cydia and you have the liberty to place your icon anywhere you want. You have many options for customizing your locking screens to look the way you want them to, or offering extra features.

One way or another, you must be in jail to do anything other than change the background image of your locking screens, so take a look before continuing with this section. When you want to practice a topic, you can simply browse for Cydia's Winterboard and retrieve it along with all the other topics.

You will also find many blocking screens (and full versions) on deviantART that you can easily install and use on your iPhone with iExplorer. When you don't get your topics from Cydia, just copy them here: To create a customized design instead of using one that already existed, please refer to our full instructions on how to thematize your iPhone's locking display.

Trying out IntelliscreenX ($10) is recommended if modifying the look and feel of your barrier display is not your main objective and you want to be more convenient. Though iOS 5 is able to provide a great deal of information on your locking screens, this JavaBreak application can do a great deal more.

Switch your preferences (e.g. airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.), view the times, view RSS news streams, view the wheather, view your news and much more. If you go all the way and want to totally modify the user experience of your iPhone, you need to have DreamBoard (Free) downloaded from Cydia.

And you can even make your iPhone look like it's powered by Mac OS X Lion or even Android. While DreamBoard is a free apple card game, some of the topics will be expensive. Even the acquisition of DreamBoard topics is not always an uncomplicated one. Whilst you will find some on Cydia that are very straightforward to purchase and deploy, you will sometimes need to use another utility named Theme Outlet.

They can purchase themed outline for free on Cydia just like you are used to from any other application, but the use can be a kind of grief if you are looking for something special. Thme Outlet can be used slowly and will not remind you where you stopped if you ever shut it down.

In spite of these nuisances, it has the biggest Dreamboard Topic Library and is often the only place to find some of the best (like the OS X Ultimatum Topic above). So if you are looking for interesting topics to try out, this is the application you want to use. If you purchase a design, you will get e-mail install guides because some designs take more work than others.

Following these simple steps will allow you to choose your new design in DreamBoard by opening and selecting the DreamBoard application. A thing that is important about DreamBoard is that it makes some fairly violent changes. Whilst you should not encounter problems, you should back up your iPhone on a regular basis if there is a dilemma.

iPhone is already one of the most stunning gifts you can buy. Below are a few uniquely designed ways to customise the look of your iPhone to personalise and secure it. Go out and buy one of the myriad pre-built iPhone cases, but if you want to be a little more imaginative, you can make one of your own.

For my iPhone 4 I did this with Uncommon. At $35, imprint your designs on a minimum envelope for a one-of-a-kind look. Like Uncommon because I have had a good case history with her - it has kept me going for over a year, taken a few drops, and my iPhone is in good shape.

However, they also produce customized iPhone cases for just $17 and often provide discounts and free special offers. Concerning the service I haven't tried, you have a few choices that have their own distinct advantages. Case Mate offers picture generator tools designed by professionals that allow you to build a truly stunning case in a pre-defined look and feel.

Zazzle has a wider selection of enclosure styles, but some of them come for up to $40. As Zazzle, UYOUsual offers a wide range of housing designs, but at a slightly lower priced. HalaSkins offers a very similar range to what you would get with Uncommon, but the cases look like they could provide a leaner seat.

Etsy is the place to be if you really want a case that is extremely individual. Even though their Alchemy user-defined query board has been "dormant" for almost a year, you can generally just browse the website for user-defined iPhone cases and post a note to one of the vendors with your user-defined query. A lot of them will be open for customer specific enquiries as it is a guarantee salary check.

Like I said before, you can make your own iPhone bag for just a few cents to squeeze and crease or make something more dependable from woolen. Just like the iPhone world's temp tats, skin is a great way to give your iPhone an individual look without having to put in mass or make an invariable commit to a single look.

The iPhone skins also offer some kind of resistance to scratches, so it's not quite cosmetical. You can also use the skins designers tools they make available to adapt your designs with text and other items, so you don't have to know how to use Photoshop or any other kind of application (although we can help you with that). Only one of the few possibilities available to you is SkyIt.

Have a look at GelaSkins and Infectious for more choices. Apple's newest iPhones - the 4 and Sh4 - are units with a nice glas back. However, it is not the most robust of materials, and you may want a different look. Fortunately for you, there are many other possibilities, from metals to timber to carbon-fibre.

And if you want a beautiful metallic coating similar to the iPhone 4, this iPhone 4 cover will do the job. There are many ways to change the look and feel of your iPhone. Do you have any other great iPhone adjustments we just forgot?

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