How to make your Android look like an Iphone

Making your Android look like an iPhone

Today, however, we will use the adaptability of Android OS to integrate the iOS look and feel into your Android device. Making your Android mobile look like an iPhone 5

Android mobile devices that make them look like iPhone are by no means new applications, but they are still an interesting innovation that attracts many Android people. When you' re wondering what iOS 6 would look like on your Android mobile device, a new application named Fake iPhone 5 has just been added to Google Play.

The Fake iPhone 5 was developed by a XDA Developers XDA developer and is a spare extinguisher that makes the display of your Android mobile look almost exactly like that of an iPhone 5. iOS 6's duplicate iOS 6's look like the symbols of the menu. Per default, your launch will start with four lines of symbols, but you can change to five.

Great as the launch may look, it has some restrictions that might stop you from executing it all the while. You can' t reorder the symbols on the screen, for example, and you' ll loose widgets functionality. Even though most of the iPhone 6 application icon's are correlated with their Android equivalents, some, like Passbook, do not.

Touching the Passbook symbol will start an ad reminding you that the fake iPhone 5 is an ad-supported application. In order to return to your former layouts, press the Menu button on your Android telephone, and then select Extended > Change layouts. Are you going to use the Fake iPhone 5 as your main launching device?

Otherwise, let us know which alternate launcher you would like to use for your Android mobile telephone.

Making your iPhone look like Android

and you' re busy with it for the next few years. Perhaps you were really nervous in the beginning, but the shine has diminished and you now look jealously at your friends' Android mobile telephones with a little regret from the shopper. Don't let your envy eat you up.

Although it' s quite tightly closed, there are still a few things you can do to make your iPhone more like Android. I' ve always been angry about the iPhone keypad, just because there's no way I can keep the numbers on all the while. Switching keyboards is one of the easiest and perhaps least system-shattering ways to make your iPhone more like Android.

Google's Gboard is a good choise and perhaps the most similar to Apple's, since you can look for a GIF, but that could be where the resemblances end. The Swiftkey is another great optional extra and it could simply be the best descriptive keypad. Or you can customise the design to give your iPhone a slightly different look, and you can move your finger to tap, which is an outstanding access function.

When you want a keypad that can just do more, just move it up and see what's right for you. It may seem kind of apparent, but if you want your iPhone to look more like Android, you' re living in the Google eco-system. Gmail application was reworked at the beginning of the year, and it definitely works more like its Android-pendant.

However, Google applications don't start and end with Gmail; there are cards, calendars, drives, photos, docs, sheets, storage and more. Want to be more like Android? A great thing about Android is the alert panel, which is similar to the Control Center in iPOS, but much more complete. In some Android handsets, you can even customise the button you see in your alert shadow that allows you to modify all possible driving preferences, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Blulight filters, Energy Saver Modes, Site Service, Aircraft Modes, Do Not Interfere, NFC and more.

Although the Control Center in iPOS 11 will be more complete than ever, it still doesn't have the features offered by the Android alert screen. The Today View Widget will never have this feature either (at least you can't do it that way right now). However, you can downlaod launchers to create a wideget of your most frequently used applications and some preferences so you can get everything from one place.

It will never be the same as the setting for the Android message Shade/Quick, but it has to be enough. But the only real way to get your iPhone to your knees is to force it to work. Junebreaking allows you to do almost anything, from modifying the shape of your application icons to add new features, since the release of the first iPhone in 2007.

You can also use Java Breaking to include applications to your iPhone that don't appear in the App Store. When you really want your iPhone to look more like Android, the only way you can really do it right is to jailbreak it. However, if you are ready to go to this length, then do it for this telephone, but when it comes times to upgrading, just do yourself a favour and buy Android.

You got an iPhone that you wish was more like Android? And if you just want an Android-like computing environment, you just want it? Communicate your thoughts in the commentaries below!

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