How to make your Android look like an Iphone 6

Making your Android look like an Iphone 6

Android messaging can be made to look like an iPhone by installing this app. Wipe down to look for something on your phone. Making your Android phone look and touch like an iPhone.

So, location you are, difficult to go against what the pickup god conscious and to kind your Android radiotelephone countenance kind an iPhone. Maybe you get ill after the last change, or maybe you just want to optimize your mobile and think it would be enjoyable to make it look more like iOS.

No matter what your argumentation, we're not here to challenge it. It' hard to make your Android mobile work exactly like an iPhone in every way, but there are a few applications and optimizations that will bring you closer. For those of you who want a more immersive iPhone viewing on your Android handset, we've also integrated a host of locking monitors, message applications, and keypad skin that will turn your mobile into a pretty compelling forgery.

While most of them are payed for, we have done our best to find all the good ones, which are totally free of charge. There' a fistful of respectable Android launcher that imitate the look and feel emanating from icos, but none of them is half as good as Espier Launcher.

As well as the authentic-looking square symbols, this launch application even lets you make iOS-style files by drag ging each other. As you move up from the bottom of the page, you'll see a listing of your recently used utilities - just like on an iPhone.

So the only drawback is that it doesn't come with a locking monitor, but don't stumble, there's a way. The Smart iPhone 5 locking screen: Even though it doesn't quite look like the iPhone, this lockout display offers the same features as the iPhone and features a pushbutton for your iPhone 5 locking application:

Thus, this is not a 100% true reproduction of the original iPhone Locks display, but it is near enough and could definitely go through for a Java Broken iPhone that has been adapted. iPhone Locks Screen: SMS GO Pro iPhone Design: Constructors behind this application have done an amazing amount of work imitating the iPhone talking blisters of color.

Concerning free applications, it's about as good as iOS-like text message delivery. iPhone notifications: Just downlaod this application and all your alerts will look like Apple-like. but they' re near enough. Are you looking for a portable e-mail service that looks like iMail?

It not only looks very similar to the iPhone's original email application, but also has a number of amazing functions. The new lock out screens and symbols could tempt your eye to think you're on an iPhone, but to deceive your finger you also need a compelling keypad in your iPhone.

It looks and feel like you're using an iPhone. So if you know of any useful Apple/Android crossover applications or optimizations we've omitted, let us know in the comment below.

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