How to make your own Theme

Creating your own theme

PowerPoint lets you create your own design that you can use in your presentations using your favorite fonts, colors, effects, and layouts. Create your own Jekyll Theme gem I found out after a brief search that I couldn't find a Jekyll theme I liked....

Everyone I came across needed a great deal of work, so I thought I'd spice up my own theme and make it a jewel.... I used the frontend frameworks Materialize - a material design tool for my topic Materialize?-?a.

First go to rubyGems and log in for a account?'ll need these login details later when you press your gems up. The Jekyll already contains a new theme order that builds a template for you. Their new Jekyll theme, testing123, is available for you in [ /Users/jameshamann/Documents/Development/testing123! There is a beautiful start engine named RADME that will explain the set-up and what the subject is about.

In addition, the function will create a . gemgspec that contains all information and building manuals for your acc. to name < < < <

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