How to make your Phone look like Iphone

Making your phone look like an iPhone

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Making your Android phone look like an iPhone

You weren't joking when you said Android was very adaptable. When we say that Android and iPOS are two of the most popular OSes in the whole wide range, that would be evident. Let's just forget about idOS for a minute and discuss the most commonly used OS, Android.

The Android is many things: simple to use, to be cleaned in some mobile telephones, in some overloaded, in some nice, in some nasty, in some ugly and above all adaptable. That'?s the ringing, isn't it? It is probably one of the most frequently used words in Android. Remember, folks weren't joking when they said Android was adaptable.

Actually, it's so adaptable that you can make it any way you want. Now you can make your Android phone look like an iPhone. And you can toy with other preferences in the application to customise your phone to your liking. It' one of the most important things about any phone.

Among the many things that most iPhone people like is the iPhone keypad. So if you're worried about getting the iPhone-like keypad. Simply deploy the Apple App and choose it as your standard keypad under Preferences. Creating an iOS-like background image is the final polish to make your Android phone look like an iPhone.

Use Google for the background images you are interested in and use them as your standard background.

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