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I get an error message that I can't open the theme file. theme pack file (what is it & how to open one) An Theme Pack is a Windows Theme Pack by default. Windows 7 creates them to use similar thematic wallpapers, windows colours, sound, icons, cursor and screen savers. Several Windows topics use the older filename extensions. theme, but these are only text only.

You describe colours and style that the theme should have, but since pure text data cannot contain pictures and sound.

Subject archives only refer to images/sounds saved elsewhere. Windows has discontinued the use of . themespack in Windows 8 and substituted them with designs with the extensions. desktoppack. Theme Packs open in Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well as in Windows 7. You can do this by simply double-clicking or double-tapping the executable; no other application or installation tool is required to run the executable programs.

leskthemepack are not backward compliant with Windows 7, which means that while leskthemepack can open in all three Windows editions, only Windows 8 and Windows 10 can. leskthemepack can open leskthemepacks. Tip: You can get free Microsoft designs in both the format. topicpack and the format. desktoppack.

The Windows CAB formats are used to save the content of theme packs, i.e. they can also be opened with any common compression/decompression utility, such as the free 7-Zip utility. It does not and does not execute anything in the themepack but it extracts the background pictures and other items that make up this theme.

Please note: If you have a THEME that is not a Windows theme, it may instead be a Comodo theme used with Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Antivirus, or a GTK theme index used in GNOME. When you find that an app on your computer is trying to open the Themepack but it is the incorrect app, or if you would rather have another app on your system, open the Themepack openers, read our How to Make Changes to the Default App for a Specific Filename Extension to make this modification in Windows.

When you want to use a . themepack in Windows 8 or Windows 10, there is no need to change it because it is already Windows 7 and Windows 8-compliant. But you can change a topicpack to a themefiles.

They can do this with the free Win7 Theme Converter. Once you have loaded the Theme Pack into this application, activate the theme option and click or touch Convert to convert the Theme Pack to a theme-pack. When you want to use the newer desktoppacks in Windows 7, the simplest thing you can do instead of convert the desktoppack to a themespack is to open the desktoppack in Windows 7 with the free Desktopp installer utility.

A further possibility is to open the Windows 7 version of the desktop pack using a zip/unzip utility like the 7-Zip utility above. So you can copy the backgrounds, sound and anything else you want to use in Windows 7. Hint: The backgrounds in a . desktoppack are saved in the DesktopBackground directory.

Using the Personalization > Desktop Background option in the Control Panel, you can set these pictures as background pictures on Windows 7, just as you would on any other image. When you need to change the background image or sound to another data type, you can use a free data conversion tool.

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