How to Post a Blog on Weebly

This is how to publish a blog on Weebly

Watch this tutorial to learn how to add a blog feed to a Weebly website. Posting a new post to your Weebly blog is easy. Would you like to request information about your product or service?

Editing or Deleting a Blog Entry - Weebly Help Center

Fortunately, this is not the case with blog postings - you can return to the blog and fix bugs in a post even after publication. Fastening a post is as simple as locating and tapping - you can click anywhere on the post body to open it for edit.

Modify your changes and then click the Refresh VOIL! Buttons. Well, what if you just want to get the whole thing off your chest? It' no issue - click the post to open it for edit, and then click the Refresh icon to remove the post. You will be asked to verify that you really want to remove the post, so please be careful as you cannot recover it.

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Creating a blog post

So now that you have a blog (if you don't, see how to make one here), I wager you want to post blog postings, right?! Now, just like when you start your blog, posting couldn't be easier. Planning for a later date and clock is also child's play. In order to post a new blog:

When your new post is filled in, you will see that it has a header area and a contents area. Hint: You can also include things like a Read More Break (which will continue the post on a more full page, but is damaged on the frontend so that the whole shhebang is not displayed), a maps, a customized badge (which is linked somewhere), a RSS feed format, a poll and much more.

Those tag adds a catagory to your post and shows that catagory in the side bar of your blog for ease of use. Notice: You can also reject your post by pressing the down arrows and choosing this one. Your post is available as a design in the Designs section at the bottom of the blog page when you are in the Editors.

Press the Design buttons to continue editing and either store or post the post. Each new post you post will appear at the top of the page and will push older postings further down the page. Once you have added ten items to the page, older items are shifted from the home page to readily available archives.

The number of contributions that can be seen can be changed on the blog settings page. Contributions that have been posted will also be sent to your own personal newsroom. Do you know how to post, and you'll be great at it, but now you want to post a post that will be posted at a later date and/or date?!

Find out how to plan your own blog post by viewing this brief movie and following the step-by-step directions below. How to plan a blog post: Moves the Post Option field up to provide more choices. Once you have entered the date and hour, you will see a scheduler icon at the top right of the page instead of the Post Buttons.

Please note: Make sure you have your timezone in the Date & Times section of your blog preferences. If you want to modify the post before going out (or modify the timetable ), you can open it using the Timetable icon that now appears in the bottom panel when you work on your blog.

Please note: You cannot currently release anything on an earlier date as Zeitreisen is still inbetest.

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