How to put a Background on Google Chrome

Where to put a background on Google Chrome

Changing the background in Google Chrome At the time, one of our favourite things on the simple Google Search home page was the change to the Google background image, but this was stopped at the end of 2012 to provide an enhanced user Experience for all people. With Google Chrome, however, visitors can customise the overall look and feel of Google and the themed homepage.

But if you're using Google Chrome but don't want the simple look it provides and want to spice things up a little, here's how you can modify the background picture and the overall look of Google Chrome. Returning in 2011 I had a seaside themed look to Google and Gmail on my computer, which was a neat complement to the simple layouts we've been using for years, but most of it was abolished at one point.

Chrome topics, however, can make your whole web adventure look different, and to your liking. There is a beautiful NYC topic (see below) that is currently offered for free at the Chrome Expansion Shop. Continue reading to find out how simple it is to modify the appearance of Chrome.

Topics in Google Chrome allow you to get back a bit of this adjustment, and they even have some nice little tricks such as the possibility to totally delete the Google logo. Leave only one seek box and a ton of other customizations if you look harder enough for a topic that matches what you want.

Begin in Google Chrome by being at the top right of the page and choosing the three-line shortcut key and then choosing Preferences. As soon as you are in here, browse down to the topics and click Get Topics. You will be redirected from here to the Google Chrome Webshop and its enhancements.

There' re a hundred thousand subjects in here. They are from Google itself, from developer or you can even personalize your own. Get lucky browse button, browse for brand names, advertising and more. I' ve chosen the NYC at Night topic that appears at the top of the page, and it gives Google Chrome a beautiful look.

As soon as you find the design you want, just choose Apply to Chrome and it will check your Chrome installation and installation. You have now added a user-defined design that has modified the whole design according to how much the design contains, and the look of Google Chrome, the standard page, and anything else you want the design to have.

At the top is a simple undo badge if you don't like it, or just go ahead and take advantage of your new look. It' s simple to switch to the Chrome extension preference and erase or deactivate a design, return to the standard, or simply browse to different designs and use them. These are just one of many ways to keep things on your notebook, your computer and Google Chrome cool and different.

There is even an add-on "Google Background Extension" that allows you to modify only the background of Google Search compared to a whole topic we have shown above.

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