How to put a Theme on Google

Where to place a topic on Google

The device comes with a number of preset designs that allow you to personalize your device. This is how you customize your Gmail with a personal wallpaper We' ve seen how we can upload pictures to the Google homepage to give it a custom look. It' s a good ploy, but I can't recall the last times I opened the Google homepage to look for something. The Chrome onnibar ( or addressbar ) with built-in Google Instant Look is all I need.

However, the point is that these wallpapers give the service a personalised feel, as if they were created for us only. With the latest addition of the capability to customize backgrounds as topics, it has taken it up a notch and now you can put any figure you want as your desktop backdrop. Your desktop will be able to be used as a desktop, and you will be able to create your own desktop with a single click of the mouse.

Stage 1: Open Gmail and click the Gear icon to open a drop-down list and choose Designs. Stage 2: In the Topic Preferences, down scrolling to the User Defined Topics section will find the Light and Dark option. Choose the one you want to use to open the Picture Picker box. Stage 3: You can share your published pictures from different Picasa accounts, or use those from your own Picasa/Google+ccount.

Once the image you want to use is on your computer, you can easily post it yourself. 4: That's all, the picture will be added immediately. It has nothing to do with the images; it simply colors your keys, like the gears, in either gray or whites to combine them with the photograph.

Next times you want to modify the picture, click the Modify wallpaper button in the Topic pane. Possibility to edit a series of photographs at regular interval. Mm-hmm. Mm. Crew members, are you with me?

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