How to put a Theme on your computer

Bringing a topic to the computer

Note that some designs are already set to unpack in a specific path or folder. This is how you modify the Windows desktop design on your computer is not known as the most beautiful operating system out there. Certainly, Windows 7, with its magnificent Aero standard design, is the best looking editon yet, but anyone who wants a feast for the eyes has generally gone the way of the Mac. However, if you look behind the curtains, you'll find countless user-created topics that can take your desk to another optical plane.

There' even topics that make your computer look like a Mac. DeviantArt is the best place to find them - a website with a flourishing fellowship of gifted devs containing hundred of freely available topics. These guidelines will take you through the installation of the ClearScreen Sharp theme because, in simple terms, it is the neatest, hottest (hence the name) and most appealing design.

It' even on a level with the standard offer of Mac OS X Lion. Had we been the Microsoft executives, we would have made it the standard theme for Windows 8. If you don't like Clearscreen Sharp for some insane reasons, we've proposed no less than nine more for you to try.

Just click through the numeric link above this item to scroll through them. It is strongly recommended that you set up a recovery point before following this manual. We will make sensitive changes to your computer's registration that will perform operations that, in the event of an error, will require you to use a Windows 7 CD and System Recovery to get your computer back online.

Visit this page to find out how to set up a recovery point before running it. In this webpage, you' ll find information about how to use a Windows CD to return to the recovery point you made. The VistaGlazz is the application that lets you use beautiful designs. It is free and works perfect under Windows 7 despite its name.

Please click on the computer image shown on the right. Now, not surprisingly, your computer will restart. Go to this page and the ClearScreen Sharp topic. Put the directory on your computer screen. There are two different names for the two different types of data you need to copy to your Themes folders. There is one directory and another a.theme directory.

Its full pathname is Start > Computer > C: Windows > Ressources > Topics. Just browse to'clsSharp. theme' and hey presidentto - you now have a sleeker, more sexy user experience. The next thing we need to do is get this annoying Windows Start platform out of your way. Browse to the resource directory we found before.

When you run 32-bit Windows, double-click Xen86. When you run 64-bit Windows, double-click 64. Right-click the Explore file. executable and change its name to explorer2.exe. 2. Copy explorer2.exe and insert into your Windows directory. Its full pathname is Start > Computer > C: Windows.

It is the most difficult and risky part of the Tutorial, so it is important to have a System Recovery Point set up and carefully followed the next few steps. Select Start. Click the small arrows to the right of Windows _LOCAL_MACHINE on the small arrows to the right of SOFTWARE on the list of directories in the window on the right, then click Microsoft, then Windows NT, and then WinLogon itself.

When you click Start, enter Tasks in the toolbar, and then click Show ongoing tasks with Taskmanager. On the Windows Taskmanager screen, click the Proceses Tab, locate Windows XP Express in the Windows pane, right-click it, and then double-click Stop Process. Select File and then'New Tasks (Run...)'. Browse and browse to your Windows directory.

To see how the Windows OS changes to the elegant, dark colored design, click OK. To ever return to the Windows 7 theme, just redo this part of the Tutorial and click explorer.exe instead of the new one. You' probably going to want a new background image that matches your new, glossy design.

Rainmeter has another great tool in its path that can show all kinds of a gadget and widget on your computer desk. Once you've chosen one of the Mac-aping topics, just right-click your system tray, open it, and pull it to the top of the window.

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