How to Register Domain in Godaddy

This is how to register a domain in Godaddy

How to check the availability of a domain name. Visit our homepage. Enter the domain name you want to register in the Domain Name Search field, and then select the domain name extension from the list. A neat trick I recommend people use is to match a web hosting and a domain. Sign up for a domain name with GoDaddy.

To register a domain with GoDaddy for your travel blog

The most difficult part in creating a blogs is the development of your name. Whilst the possible names can be infinite, it is a very different tale to find a domain name that is brief, recognisable and/or ingenious. We will use GoDaddy, by far the largest domain registration company in the word, for this step.

Go to GoDaddy and set up an affiliate from there. Next, we need to make sure that your domain name is available. Per tip: With mass registration you can simultaneously verify the up to 500 domain number. If you find a domain you like and find available, put it in your shopping basket.

Exactly what is the level of data security in the domain? Next is the decision as to whether you want data to be protected on your domain. On this page you can see the name, adress, telephone number and e-mail adress of the person who registers the domain. The addition of data security will keep your personally identifiable information... You have guess it, secret! Data security is the only add-on you need.

Don't choose anything else, like a free website or e-mail-adress. Now you can choose how long you want to register your domain. The GoDaddy is set to five years by standard and could give you a little label shake in front of the cash register. So if you want to take some time to register for a few years, do it.

To keep your cost down and extend your domain next year, simply modify the duration to one year. They will also try to resell you,.info,.co and other suitable availableomains. Now you have a domain for your Travellog-Registration! You' ve made the big jump now and your new website has a name and its own domain.

Take a look at the next steps in setting up your own blogs.

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