How to Remove a Wordpress Theme

Removing a Wordpress Theme

Wonder why you want to remove a parent's template file. Do you have uploaded a number of topics to your WordPress page that you no longer need? Explains how to disable, modify or delete themes and plugins on a WordPress page without the dashboard.

Deleting a WordPress theme

When you' re like me, you have a whole series of old and old topics lying around in your WordPress install. Someday, if you choose to purge them, you'll be at a loss where the Purge icon went. Recent WordPress releases have shifted it to a more unobtrusive location.

What if you don't have even a single point of contact with your WordPress administrator? I will show you two ways to remove a WordPress theme in this paper - the first via the normal port and the second via FTP. First thing you need to do is make sure that the design you want to remove is not on.

Let us take the example of "MaryAnne" in my test blogs. It is currently on my site, so when I go to "Appearance->Themes", it appears in the first line on the leftside of my current themes: I have to deactivate it before I can remove it - by enabling another one instead.

To me this is the "Mocha Kind Theme" of the Genesisframeworks. To do this, I move the cursor over the topic and click on "Activate": As soon as this is done, the new design will replace the old one on the website and in the Top Topics area.

In order to remove "MaryAnne" I find it in the drop-down menu, move the mouse over it and click on the dark box called "Theme Details". In the lower right part of the screen you will see the message "Delete". You can see that the Clear key is only a little concealed, but still very easily accessible once you know where it is.

What if you don't have full control over the admin panel and still want to deactivate or remove a topic? When your website does not work and you do not have full control over the WordPress admin area, you need to deactivate your design via FTP. Sign in and browse to your blogs folder.

Search for the subfolder "wp-content" and type in the subfolder "themes" as shown below. You' ll see that this is filled with a listing of all your available designs - each in its own separate subdirectory. In most cases, the file name will be indicative of the real name of the topic.

Search for the desired file - in our case we want to deactivate the topic "MaryAnne" so that we can find and remove the corresponding one. Notice that if you simply want to deactivate the design instead of removing it, all you have to do is change the name of the location. As a result, all your documents remain untouched, so that you can try to find the cause of the bug that is keeping WordPress from working so that you can reactivate it later.

Please be aware that we did not change the topics first. That means that WordPress first reverts to the standardwentyXXX theme until you apply a new one later. Both of these ways of removing topics - one via the normal management panel and the other via FTP - should take account of all possible scenarios.

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