How to Remove Theme in Wordpress

Removing the topic in Wordpress

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WordPress should only be reset if you need to remove ALL contents and preferences. It leaves your preferences, plug-ins and topics alone and can be replicated for all pages/post styles that come with your topic. Choose Clear from the dropdown list of mass actions and click Transfer. Retry this procedure to remove pages, folders, or other mailings.

Do the same for all thumbnail pages you want to remove. It uses a plug-in to remove all contents and preferences except the general WordPress preferences. It deletes your WordPress installation and saves only your general preferences and topics. You' ll loose all your contents and adjustments!

Have you already resetted your design and don't have full control over it, please read My Design No! What is the best way to re-install WordPress on my Envato hosted website? I don't have a theme!

Removing Footnote Credits

Before the page plays, remove or substitute credit footers (or text or HTML on the page). There is no need to change codes like footer.php with this plug-in, which, if executed wrongly, can cause your website to crash or cause new topic upgrades to stumble over your changes, prompting you to remove footnotes with each upgrade.

Type the text or HTML you want to find in one text field and the text or HTML you want to substitute in another text field (or nothing to remove). Here you find my step-by-step instruction movie with screen shots and videos.

To uninstall and delete a WordPress theme

No matter if you want to remove a design to make room, or if you are trying to change an old design to a new one, we will show you how to remove a design in WordPress every single time. The installation of a theme in WordPress is simple. However, removing a topic can be a little bewildering.

There is no clear icon or shortcut to remove a topic from the WordPress Dashboard. In order to complete this task, you must browse through the subject area. A WordPress theme can be uninstalled using the WordPress Administration dashboard or via FTP. It is important that you make a back-up copy of your website before making any changes.

So if you don't have a WordPress site back-up system yet, please obey these instructions to setup it. Make a back-up of the theme you want to remove. If you never want to use it again, it wouldn't do any harm to keep a back-up if you wanted to return to the old topic or if you wanted to create another website in the nearer future.

A design can be saved either via the CPanel or with an FTP client. For the CPanel the CPanel contains a very beginner-friendly approach. Stage 1: Log in to the CPanel of your website. The CPanel log-in page can be found by typing the CPanel in front of your domainname (e.g.:

You will find the access data for your CPU panel in the welcome e-mail that you receive after registration with your webmaster. Stage 2: Browse down to find the File Manager and browse to the Web root of your site. Stage 3: Browse to the WP Content folders >> Topics. Here you can find all topics that have been added.

4: Choose the topic you want to save. Click the right mouse key and choose Collapse. Stage 5: Choose Zip archive as the compressing option and zip the topic. As a result, a copy of the theme is created separately. Update the page by pressing the Reload Refresh icon and you will see the Topic Copy as a Zip document.

6: Click on the Zip archive you create. Right click and choose Donwload. As a result, the theme will be downloaded to your computer. With a back-up copy of your design, you can securely erase your design without worrying about loosing it. First of all, we'll show you how to deinstall a WordPress theme from the Administrator' dashboard.

NOTE: You cannot erase a design that you are already using. In order to remove the design of your website, first activate another design. Stage 1: In your WordPress Administrator dashboard, browse to Corporate Design >> Themes. Stage 2: To remove a theme, just move the pointer over the theme and click the Theme Details Buttons.

Stage 3: In the lower right hand part of the Themed detail page you will find the Clear Buttons. Press the icon, and then click OK to accept. This theme now disappears in your WordPress Dashboard as well as in your web hostinglist. It is also possible to use the CPanel or an FTP server to remove a design.

First make sure that the design you want to remove is not active. Stage 1: Register with CPanel. Go to the File Manager and browse to WP Content >> Themes. Stage 2: Choose the topic you want to remove and right-click. Choose Clear to clear the topic. When using an FTP-client, open the application and sign in with your FTP-logindata.

Stage 1: Browse to the WP Content folders >> Topics. Stage 2: Right-click the topic you want to remove and click Clear. Regardless of which way you decide to remove a theme, always make sure you back up your website file before making any changes. Updating your designs and plug-ins is an important part of enhancing the website's overall usability and security against attack.

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