How to Remove Themes from Chrome

To remove themes from Chrome

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Uninstalling Google Chrome Themes

The My Chrome themes I tried last night helped me build a user-defined base design for the Chrome web interface. Among the things I did was replace the standard topic with the user-defined design I did using the expansion. When I tried the expansion for some while, I chose to remove the design I had already added in order to return the standard design to the web page.

That' where the search for an item removal feature began. As I have never deinstalled themes in my web browsers before, I had no idea how to do it. First I tried to find the topics in the list of extension files, only to find out that the topics are not there.

Then I began looking through the choices to find the one that would allow me to return the currently loaded design to the browser's standard design. Some time after dug in the option I found the topic settings under Personal Stuff. This was a unique pushbutton that would revert the browser's design when you click on the standard design.

Clicking Restore on the standard topic will restore the standard browsing topic. As there is no list of themes available in the web browsers, it looks like Chrome only stores a copy of the actual topic and the standard one. Any other designs appear to be superseded when a new design or the standard design is applied to the web page.

Chrome makes this function less adaptable than Firefox, for example, which retains all prior designs in the web browsers until they are removed from the browser's Add-on Managers. For my part, I like Firefox's way of retaining all previously preinstalled designs that are better than Chrome's way of saving only a recording of the actual and standard theming.

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