How to Reset Theme in Wordpress

Resetting the theme in Wordpress

Browse to cPanel >>> phpMyAdmin. There are three ways to do this!

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It should work with all theme and plug-in that use the theme_mod setting for saving changes, in fact all theme changes that have been recorded via the customizer API will be removed. Would you like to add your own coding to this plug-in? Well, why didn't it reset something? The reset is reversed? Once you reset the changes to the design, you can't go back, so you have to make all the changes from the ground up.

"Customizer Reset" is open program resource work. Following persons have added to this plug-in.


If you do not change any data, only the data base is reset. It is very useful for plug-in and theme developer. Provided the administrator has Level_10 rights and the administrator already has one, he will be re-created with his present passphrase and e-mail adress. In case the administrator does not already exist or is a registered member of a domain without administrator rights, the registered login will be re-created with his e-mail adress and his actual login name.

It adds an item to the admin bar under the page header and has the option to re-activate itself and other post -reset plug-ins. Enter'reset' in the text box and click reset. Reset two domain names one data base without errors! So, I'm not just a WP guy, but mostly just a member of the gifted WP guys out there, so I get to listen to the words Reset DB and get so anxious.

Mainly because I just started creating a slave and had to reset only the slave and not the first one. Each of the subdomains and the main site use the same data base with different wp_ premixes for tab pages, except that they both use the same users and users metadata tables, so I can have singlesign-on between the two of them.

There was no change to the original domains and the subdomains were reset to the default values. It was a perfect time to re-install my new subject area. In fact, the old theme was still there and I had to go to the files directory to remove it from my system by hand, plus any plug-ins I had previously added were simply disabled.

A great plug-in to just restart everything, as distinct from the other! Thanks for making this convenient plug-in available! Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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