How to Sell on Envato

Dealing on Envato

A ThemeForest author who makes a living pushing pixels and creating WordPress themes for sale on the big Envato platform. Envato: Can the sale of a WordPress topic on ThemeForest become your everyday revenue? ThemeForest is a good place to test the water (if your topic can go through the approvals phase) and see if your WordPress topic has any effect at all, without a headache, if you're just beginning to develop themes. But if you want to set up a significant company, the chances of getting there with ThemeForest are slim, and here are the reasons:

In the ThemeForest the top 20 WordPress themed sites account for 13.5% ($18,756,450) of WordPress Themes' overall revenues. 36.56% of WordPress topics on ThemeForest purchased less than 100 licences from the date of their publication. An overwhelming majority of 6,940 / 86.9% of the topics covered by the survey reported less than 1,000 licences having been purchased.

A 76% share of WordPress themed sites on ThemeForest earns less than $1,000 per months, provided the fee is only 30%. That' 6,098 out of 7,986 topics. If you want more interesting analyses of your ThemeForest database, you might want to take a look at this detailed survey, created by consulting the EnvatoPI. Finally, on the basis of the historic facts and the above mentioned analyses - to list a new topic on ThemeForest today - it would only make sence if you lived in a development economy where $500-$1,000 would be enough to cover the cost of your money.

Opportunities to start a lucrative themed store on ThemeForest while you live in the USA or another West and make it your primary revenue stream are just not in your favour. Just 5.6% of the topics earn more than 3,000 dollars / month. I didn't even consider the cost of developing topics, designing them, and providing ongoing customer care.

As long as the topic has been a one-time project where you are developing a topic and forgot about it, then as long as the costs are below $43,000 (which is definitely feasible), you could earn a good 10% interest per year for 10 years. To maintain this inventory, known as the "WordPress Theme," you are unfortunately the one who must work harder to keep it relevance to the industry and support your expanding customer base.

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