How to Set up a Blog

Setting up a blog

Create your blog in five steps. Happy birthday, you have registered your blog - maybe you have even published your first post! In order to create a blog, you need a domain name. You want to set up a blog, but have no idea how? These basic instructions explain everything and show you exactly what to do.

Create your blog in five easy clicks

Congratulations, you have your blog subscribed - you may even have your first posting! Follow these five simple instructions to make sure you like the look of your blog and delight all your new reader. Obtain names from other blogs and tell your bloggers about your blog before they even start reading a blog entry!

Choose a subject you like. Nobody devotes more to your blog than you do, so make it comfortable and cozy. Headings and wallpapers are great ways to customise your blog - and they're free! Wedgets are add-ons that give your blog more features and contents. Begin with a plain text Widget and put a brief outline of your blog on your homepage.

And now that you've got a base, you can continue optimizing or exploring all the behind the scene set-up.

Starting a Blog on Blogger (with pictures)

Please fill in your Google user name and your Google user ID password. And if you don't have a Google account yet, click Make Blog. It will take you to a monitor where you can set up an email address that you can use with Blogger. Choose aprofiletype. If you want to set up a unique Google Profiles page, click Generate Google+ Profiles to generate a unique Google Profiles page that will be used for all Google features.

To use a nickname or restrict your presence on Google, click Create a restricted blogger profile. To complete the creation of your Google+ or restricted Blogger subscription, please complete the on-line input requests. Specify a display name and click Next to Blogger. Then click Create New Blog. Specify a name for your blog.

Enter a blog URL for your blog. It is the fundamental theme and lay-out of your blog. Just click Create Blog! In this way, you can customise the look of your blog beyond the items provided in the launcher style sheet. Here you can change other preferences such as your preferred languages, whether your blog will be listed in results and whether you are ready to accept email.

Clic on Contributions, Commentaries and Share. You can customize the publication, the annotations and the way your blog is divided outside the Blogger framework in this drop-down list. You can use this option to include more collaborators in the blog so that the write load is not on your shoulder alone. Please click on New Article.

Make postings, contributions, and page manipulations under Contributions in the Contributions drop-down list on the far side of the page. Specify a contribution name. In the text field to the right of Mail, typing it. Compose your contribution as you would in a text editing application that offers features such as different font types and size, text colour, and the possibility to add a link.

Then click Postal Preferences. You can activate readers' remarks, choose HTML preferences and enter date and hour in this pull-down box. To see what your contribution will look like after completion, click Preview. May I begin to write my blog on my cell phones? Which is a blog adress?

The blog adress is the web adress that persons use to get to your blog. Do Bloggers take pictures out of the galleries onto a telephone or computer without notifying the users? No, I'm trying to create a Blogs Logger login that' relies on the information in the post, but I find it very bewildering.

So if you already have a Google account, log in and go to Blogger. You have two options: creating a Google+-account or a blogger-section. How come nobody can comment on my site? Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard and click Preferences. Then, go to the preferences for your postings, comment, and shares to make sure you have activated them.

If I don't have a Gmail email address, what if I don't? Blogs is a Google application, so you'll need a Google account to log in to Blogger. If it'?s a blogs, what am I supposed to do? It'?s the kind of fashions you want to argue about, who makes them, and so on. If you are creating a new message, you can see this item.

Is it expensive to launch a blog? When I try to make a new blog, what do I do if I get a "Sorry, this blog is not available " error? Domainname must not be longer than 3 chars. Sometimes the favorite domainname for your blog is already assigned.

Notice that you cannot use', /, ?, ?, >, or < in your name. If the blog is not available because it needs a web site when the blog is open on Blogger, what do I do? Well, I began to set up my blog, but I had to stop.

I write a novel and start a personal blog (just for me and my buddies to watch). Are there any limits on the number of invites that can be sent to blog writers? Enter your e-mail to receive a response when this query is resolved. Bring the Blogger application to your portable phone for on-the-go use.

To see what your blog currently looks like, click "View Blog" at the top of the page. Once published, you can continue to post additional information to your blog.

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