How to Set up a Weebly website

Setting up a Weebly website

It gives you an overview of how to launch a website, saving you time. Take some time to complete this page. Choose Setup (at the bottom of the list) and then Checkout.

Use Weebly to set up your domain name and email the right way.

So if you want to build your own website with Weebly, you are probably looking for a suitable domainname (e.g. In order to help all those bewildered Weebly people out there, we've created a short tutorial on domains and e-mail account for Weebly. Veebly User Defined Domainnames - Do I Need One?

Toying with only one (not very serious) website does not require you to have your ownomainname. Use the free copy of Weebly and the free sub-website ( e.g. that they make available to you. However, if you are looking to have a professionally looking website, or if you just don't want it to look like an amateur, you need to have your own customizedomainname.

Watch this tutorial to find out more about Weebly's choices for domains: Domains with Weebly begin at $19. 95 annually (for 1-year deals). But if you sign up your domainname for a longer period of time, you will get better offers. Note that some of the renewals they provide are more costly (e.g. .co. nz or . co costs $39.95 per year).

Weebly allows you to create the following domains: . com, . net, . org, . co, . shop, . info, . us, . ca, .co. uk, .co. uk, .com. au, .co. nz . nl, . es, . de, . fr, . fr and .eu. Let's see now how much you want to pay if you choose to directly sign up youromainname: we'll see how much you want to spend:

If you buy one of the subscription subscriptions, Weebly will offer you a free 1-year subscription to your domains. Weebly month subscription subscribers are not entitled to this offer. Also, you cannot get this if you already have your ownomainname. Next, we want to see how to use a domainname you bought elsewhere at Weebly.

It is possible that you already have a domainname and want to link it to your new Weebly website. Please note: If you want to commit or merge a Namecheap, GoDaddy or 1&1 registrated domainname, you will find here detailled instructions. Generally you are changing your actual usebly registration.

An important thing to keep in mind is that if you are currently using an e-mail that is associated with your domainname, it will only continue to work if you set up G Suite with Weebly. In your case, linking your domainname to Weebly (see next section) would be the better one.

Is Weebly accepting your renewal? At the moment they only, .net and .org domains name assignments. Please make sure that the privacy policy for your current hosting is not activated or the download will not work. Unblock your domainname for transferring (ask your present registrar).

Ensure that you have full control over the e-mail addresses associated with the domains. There you will receive a verification e-mail. Once you have gone through the above check list, you can obtain the Authorization Code (EPP) key from your local Registry. In the Weebly domain transfers dialog, simply insert it to your Weebly account to begin the migrating procedure.

When you have a issue or need more information about the trial, read this comprehensive Weebly manual. What if they don't agree to your name? Once you've reviewed your pricing for domains on line, you've probably found less expensive options. Suppliers like Namecheap or GoDaddy are offering better rates for registering domains than Weebly.

For this reason, linking a domainname with Weebly is our preferred choice. In order to take full benefit of our third-party offerings, you can choose to have your domainname hosted by another domain name provider and link it to a Weebly website. Note that this is only available if you have a funded Weebly subscription.

Free Weebly members cannot associate domains bought elsewhere with their Weebly (free) website. It is necessary to upgrade your domainname with the Weebly Internet Protocol (IP). Clearly: Every times someone verifies your domainname, your Weebly website is displayed. You have to set the A-Record of your domains with the provided Wi-Fi by Weebly.

Should you have problems upgrading A-Records, please contact your local Registry for Domains to help you, or see Weebly's instructions for more information. Is Weebly offering e-mail? Unfortunately, Weebly e-mail hosted is not part of the plan, but of course you can choose to include an outside e-mail host. But the simplest option is to use G Suite, Google's business-oriented e-mail solution (and more).

Please read this review for more information about G Suite and Weebly. Is there a cheapest Weebly e-mail alternative? By registering your domainname with an outside registration company, you can buy your domainname from a reputable e-mail account (e.g. ) at a lower cost. When you are looking for a cheap e-mail service, we recommend that you verify Namecheap.

In addition, they also provide cheap special prices foromainnames. One last tip, keep in mind that it is always good practise to keep both the domainname and the e-mail account under the same ISP. At Weebly we provide customized domains, but as we have seen, they can be very expensive. If you use a different name, there are less expensive alternative (e.g. Namecheap or GoDaddy).

However, please keep in mind that linking your domainname to a Weebly website is only possible if you have a pay subscription scheme. When you need to set up your own personal e-mail account, it's even more costly because Weebly's e-mail solutions are available through G Suite for $50 per year per person.

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