How to Setup Wordpress Theme

This is how to set up Wordpress theme

Together with most of the bloggers I know, I choose paid topics that use the Genesis Framework. What is a WordPress theme (and its role in website design)? Installing a Wordpress theme and setting up your first blog

If you are installing WordPress, you have the option to either use free designs created by WordPress (see here) or buy a design. Together with most of the blogs I know, I decide on paying topics that use the Genesis Framework. Imagine Genesis as a fundamental setup for the features of your blogs, and then the "child" topics based on it modify the appearance and layout.

In my view, Genesis Framework is the golden paradigm for blogs and the vast majority make use of it. When installing the Genesis Framework, it is important to keep in mind that once you purchase Genesis, you own it forever, you can modify designs from any of the hundred designs created on the framework with ease - see a wide variety of different designs here.

I' m currently using a design named Foodie Pro and I like it - it's very simple to adapt. I have also used the lifestyle theme in the past. At any time you can always switch your theme on the street, it's not an eternal thing! How to do this to set up a WordPress theme: You can now begin customizing your theme and posting blogs.

There are two ways to create a new entry in your WordPress Dashboard - either click the +New icon at the top of the page or click Contributions on the left side icon bar and select New. Alternatively, you can run the Rapid Design feature on the right side of your dashboard and track and enter and store a Rapid Design of your contribution.

The composition screens may look slightly different from mine according to the theme and plug-ins you have on your blogs. A plugin is a small development tool that lets you easily enhance your blogs functionality, I'll go through some of my favorites and have a little more to offer.

At first I just wanted you to start to write! I can see all the default tip utilities above your compositing windows, along with all the plugin-specific icons you need - I have a prescription tool applet and some softwares that appear on top of my onscreen. If you want to attach an artwork to your post, click the Attach Media icon below your post title.

Wish someone had said to me that when I began it was slowing my blogs down by a barrel and I had to hire someone to fix it while my blogs were growing! To the right of the page, you can categorize your contribution or tag it if you like.

You can create a category by dragging and dropping the item on the menu bar on the right and choosing a category - I strongly suggest you create at least a few category items that you can start with to organize your blogs. Once you've written your blogs posting, you can store it as a design in the top right corner of your desktop, plan it for the near term, or immediately share it.

As I have already said, plug-ins can be used to enhance your blogs with additional features. Beware if you use too many plug-ins, because too many or badly crafted plug-ins can delay the load of your blogs. Below are some plugs I suggest to all bloggers: Acismet - this is an anti-ispam plug-in that will filter comments in your weblog.

While you may not see what a big issue comments spamming is, you'll find out soon enough if you don't get this plug-in installed. The Genesis Simple Hooks and Genesis Simple Sidebars - if you use the Genesis Framework, this plug-in makes it really simple to adapt your design without having to know complicated script.

The majority of your web site related tutorials to optimize your blogs need to use this plug-in. ReplyMe and ReplyMe - a easy plug-in that sends an email to the commentator when you reply to a post on your blogs. WorPress Editoral Calendar - there are many free and paid editing calendars plug-ins, but this free edition is what I've been using for years.

It' s really simple for me to schedule my blogs, save my thoughts for the next few weeks and move my post to different appointments using just dragging and dropping. There is no need to cast about dull bored web article reviews on line, just simply obey the instructions of the plug-in and each of your blogs entries will be optimized for searching.

Extended plugins: Not slowing down your blogs like many others (Shareaholic is apparently particularly bad), it has great features to determine optimised pictures and text for your blogs on different media. You should have been able to create your WordPress blogs and your first blogs by now.

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