How to Start a Blog

Launching a blog

And I know that starting a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating. As soon as you start blogging, you will realize that you are becoming a better author and thinker. The mastery of content requires creative thinking. Are you wondering how to start a blog?

Launching a blog

You wonder how you can start a blog? You will be guided step-by-step through the entire lifecycle from selecting a domainname and hostings to installation of WordPress and how to enlarge your fan base! Where do I start a blog? However, since I myself have a mild apprehension of tech (and I'm a blogger...ironic, right?), I wanted to make sure that the tech part of creating a blog wasn't what kept someone from exchanging their hearts and minds with the rest of the community, so I chose to publish this part of my blog so everyone could try it out.

So if you've always wanted to start a blog, but haven't made the leap yet, no more good reasons! It is recommended to start with a selfhosted web site with That kind of website will give you the greatest liberty and the greatest amount of blog management. First thing you need to do to setup your self-hosted blog on is to choose your Domainname and your Housing plan.

What is the difference between and 1 ) Pick a domainname and let it in. Now you can sign it up where you buy your web site host. We will discuss the setup of the hostings in a single minutes and give you an example of the joint registration of both parts. A different one would be to buy your domainname separate from your web site host, which some would say will add an additional level of safety, but can also make things a little more complicated.

Actually, we began with both our domainname and our hosted packet on the same hosts and then migrated to Synthesis a few month ago, while our domainname remained on our initial hosts, so we did it both ways. When you want to separate your registration from your hostings, we suggest that you use Hover for your domains.

When you are just getting started, I suggest you keep things as easy as possible and use the free Bluehost name. 2 ) Choose which ISP you want to use. It is your web site where your blog "lives", so it affects the pace and availability of your website. They want to be able to call if there's a problem and have it resolved immediately to help prevent blog outages as much as possible.

Donnie and I have used and recommended a few hostingservices. When you' re just getting started and want an incredible mix of value, performance and dependability, I suggest Bluehost. It is a big business, but we have had a great Bluehost time. We' ve written an essay about some of our other web sites, but if you want to keep things easy and get going right away, go to Bluehost.

We' ve recently added a screenscast that shows you how to create a domainname and host and setup WordPress! We' ll guide you through the process of starting with Bluehost. You will be redirected to Bluehost via my affiliate hyperlink and may receive some extra benefits for logging in via my adress.

Click on the big, greeen Get Launched Now icon (Thank you for your support!). 4 ) Proceed to the section "Package Information". It is important to keep in mind that Bluehost will charge you the full 36 month in advance. And you pay in advance for the host. This is one of the reason why they are able to provide great web hosting at such a low cost.

What is Bluehost Pricing? Well, you have an official bluehost bankroll. The next step is to generate your own personal login name. The most important thing first - you have to download and use WordPress. Press the "Install WordPress" pushbutton at the bottom of the window. This means that WordPress has been successfully reinstalled. 16 ) Now review your e-mail, and you should have something from the Mojo Marketplace.

Contains your website URL, your WordPress Administrator log-in URL, and your WordPress log-in name. 18 ) To get your WordPress passcode, go back to your Bluehost register card and click on the bottom "View" to see your WordPress passcode. Keep in mind that this notification will expire after 12 hrs, so make sure you receive the passcode within this timeframe.

20 ) Now that you have your passphrase, you can login to WordPress and your WordPress dashboard will be displayed. You want to make your blog nice now, don't you? To do that, you have to pick a topic. The topic will define many of the visually rich features of your blog - my backgrounds, my colours, my writings, the navigational toolbar and the softwares in my headers are all part of my theming.

And if you choose not to fit a children's topic from Restored 316, you can also view children's topics from Shay Bocks, who made my recent children's topic, Pretty Darn Cute Designs' Pretty Darnsey, who also makes nice, well-designed children's topics, and StudioPress, the makers of the Genesis work.

As each topic will be different, there is not only a general workshop that I can give you for everyone, but also all the other topics I mention above, with outstanding services and supports, and they will be able to help you get settled in no short amount of getting there. This is how you start a blog!

For more information about how to start or grow a blog, take a look at my eBook, Building a Framework: Really covering all the basics from which you can use plug-in and the essentials you need to add to your blog to work with brand names and earn cash!

So now that you have a name, a host and a topic, you can read our comprehensive guidelines for launching a blog in 2016. We' ve also got a brand-new 7-hour e-mail course that goes into even more detail on how to start your blog the right way and how to set it apart from the masses.

Hopefully these free utilities have been useful for you to learn how to start a blog, and we can't await to see what you do with your website!

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