How to Start a Blog for free

Getting a free blog started

All my blogs run on WordPress because it's user-friendly, free and powerful. Starting a blog in 2018 To create a blog, you need a domainname and a webhosting. When you are new to blogging, I suggest you sign up your domains and your web site with the same firm to keep things easy. Domainname: Trying to pick something quick and easy to remember for your blog.

If possible, I suggest that you adhere to . com domains, as many of the new domains are not so easily recognizable. It'?s web hosting: Here your blog will be saved on-line. So there are many different hosters out there that provide different kinds of web site hosting for a wide range of different kinds of web sites.

WordPress is free, but you have to spend about $3-4 per months on your web hosting and domain registry fee. This is the best place to buy the domain and hosting of your blog. Professionally I use BlueHost and can strongly suggest it. Start a blog because of its easy setup, great support and dependability.

They are also highly commended by WordPress. org as a top hosted since 2005. Partner Disclaimer: I am recommending Bluehost because I use it on many sites I own or have created for customers. Actually, I think they provide a better level of services to other hosters. The Bluehost link on this page are all affiliated link, which means I get my fee when you buy Bluehost hosted through one of my link.

Throughout the years I have tried tens of different WordPress web sites, so I assume you can call me an "expert" in selecting the web site for my blog. For more information about what's on sale, please see my web hosting-reviews. As soon as you have chosen which web host you want to work with, you will need to have WordPress installed on your bankroll.

I' ve written a tutorial on how to use WordPress on a wide range of different webshops. In addition, if you register with BlueHost today, you'll get high-quality webhosting from only $2.95 per months, plus a FREE $15 for your new blog and up.

Please use this hyperlink to get a free domain with your own host. If you are dissatisfied with your BlueHost purchases within 30 workingdays you will be refunded your funds. If you register for BlueHost web site service, there are some extra service they do. Domainname privacy means that you won't be able to see the name, email as well as the contacts of the owner of the blog, if you are glad that they know who the blog belongs to, then you can vote it out and get about $12 per year saved.

You can get only essential Bluehost hosted for a temporary period for a great value rate of only $2.95 per m ( 36 monthly registration + free top level name ). If you are a new blogger looking to expand your site, I suggest you opt for the Bluehost Plus $5.45 per Month option because it gives you many more limitless functions.

It' perfect if you are planning to enlarge your blog in the near term or if you are planning to have more than one website. Typically, the Plus Planned hosting bundle would charge you $10. 99 p/m, so hop on this business now while it's still available. Keep in mind that you can always start with the baseline schedule and upgrades when you think you need more functionality.

Here is what you can get for $5.45 a months with the BlueHost Plus plan: WordPress installation and 24/7 one-click customer service. To start the creation of your own blog, click the Get Start Now icon. The next step is to choose the right schedule for you and your blog.

The Plus or Prime offer is recommended. They can start with Basics if you want, and upgrades at any time if you have the feeling that you need more functionality to operate your website. And if you already have a registrar name from another Registry that you want to use, simply type it in the field on the right, and then click Next to associate your name with your new host.

Suppose you don't have a domainname and want to use your free domainname. Enter the desired domainname in the field on the far right where "New Domain" appears and click Next. BlueHost will send you some similar domains that you may want to consider if it is already subscribed.

Or, you can simply enter another domainname to see if it is available. You have found the domainname of your dream and are now prepared to create it with your new host. Next you will see the page where you have to enter all the dull information like your bank accounts, but it won't take long.

As soon as you have completed the registry request for your domains, it is your turn to choose your own host planning. Usually I suggest that you choose the Plus or Prime schedule after 36 month to get a better offer for your web site but 12 or 24 month are also well. Usually I don't click on any of the other choices as they are not absolutely necessary, but I suggest you get the domain's data protection if you don't want someone to know who has it.

What's great about the Prime Pack is that this is a free subscription. BlueHost should send you an e-mail with all your bank accounts and logins. Next, you need to set a WordPress Dashboard logon pass. It is the page you will see next after you have paid for your web site subscription.

Take it as seriously as possible for the people hacking into your blog.

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