How to Start a Blog for free and make Money

Starting a free blog and earning money

Select a blogging platform (CMS) Select the name and domain of your blog. Locate a hosting provider for your blog. Select a theme (or template) and design your blog. Being a blogger you are already an expert for your niche. Launch your own consulting company.

Launching a blog in 2018 (step-by-step guide for beginners)

First, check out this tutorial and find out how to prevent the major errors almost all new Blogger make. As you know, you want to start a blog and maybe even earn some money on-line... But doing it all by yourself without help can seem like a huge work!

So what if I spent an hour making my blog and nobody was reading it? What happens if I get cheated and waste my big money on workout or hosted services that don't work? If I am a total blogger error, what if I am? Thoroughly understandable, this step-by-step tutorial will take you through everything you need to do to start a blog.

First thing you will quickly notice when you start a blog for the first and foremost is that there is a TON of things that "you don't know you don't know". It is our aim to help you become a truly succesful blogspople, and we will accompany you every single way.

It' especially disappointing when 9 out of 10 "How To Start A Blog" posts on the web are nothing but affilate marketing guys trying to get you old-school web hosters like BlueHost and HostGator to do. This article will show you how to register for webhosting but it doesn't help you when it comes to actually teaching you how to start a winning blog.

One of the greatest mistakes almost all new blogs make is trying to start a blog with a conventional webmaster, not getting the "how to blog" workout, help and help they need. Don't get me wrong... BlueHost is excellently in what they do - web-hosting. But trying to start a blog with a web host is like purchasing the shell of a home.

And how much do you want to spend wasting your own resources doing this all by yourself with a conventional webmaster? You really want a blog that works from the beginning without having to download WordPress, plug-ins and topics. They want a step-by-step schedule that you can adhere to from the beginning, through to creating a winning blog and finally earning some money if you want.

Next, you'll find an awesome home for your blog. Your blog will be living here. Don't go with an old-school webhost. Instead, you should make the right decision and choose a full-service blog hosting like BlogPress. Most importantly, our clients like BlogPress because of the unbelievable amount of face-to-face technical assistance and trainings we do.

Others are good at hosted services, but you'll probably need more than just that. To be successful on the web, blogs and businesses need to be trained, helped and supported. Arrange a free appointment to see how we can help you be successful on-line. Spend less hassle, less hassle and less fun with full-service blogging.

We guarantee your happiness - Try BlogPress for 14 free of charge Tage! You' re 60 seconds away from all the online gadgets, tutorials, and amazing face-to-face assistance you need to make your blog a success... Click the bottom icon to start your blog now. Stupidly I tried to do my second page with WordPress/BlueHost on my own and was stuck, disappointed and said that I could register for a $80 course because they were "not there to help with the design" meol What did I think?

Below is a picture of how to navigate and navigate your BlogPress area. After logging in, you can get to your blog by selecting "My Account" at the top of the page. Blogs title line. Customise your blog. It takes you directly to the WordPress Customizer, where you can make things like change the look and color of your look, create menu and widget settings, and other fundamental changes to the site's look and feel.

Press this to start posting a new message. Next thing you need to do is get WordPress up and running, buy a $99 paid subscription topic, and browse 1000 plug-ins to find the best ones that won't bring your blog down. Rather than asking you to pay more of your hard-earned money, we've already put tonnes of nice WordPress topics on your desk - and more plug-ins than I can number.

All you need to start a successfull blog is already there, set to go! However, there are a few "optimizations" you should make to make your blog "ready for production". These include things like creating folders, menu items and Widgets - things that make it simpler and better for your people.

Now is a good moment to do this if you didn't have your logging into your site created in the above 2 steps. This section will show you how to append some of your blog's category. First, we make sure you know the differences between category, subcategory and tag - and when to use each one.

It can contain things like: linen, vomit pouches, nibbles, treatments, bites, barks, etc.. Next, we'll build a category for your top 3-5 blogs. In your dashboard's top navigation bar, click Contributions > Classifieds. Don't worry about clearing your web site's memory after you've made changes to the site's layouts, such as designs, pictures, categories, pull-down lists, or even broadgets.

BlogPress saves your contents so that they are really quickly prepared! Next, we'll use these catagories to create the setup for your blog's Menus and Navigations. Essentially, a menue is a series of text anchors that lead to the various pages and sections in your blog.

Creating a clear navigational structure in your blog makes it easy for both your readership and your searching engine to find what they're looking for. Several things you can include in the list - pages, postings, catagories, custom link, etc. - can be added to the list. Keep in mind... If you want to create new category later, you also have to refresh your existing list.

Adding new category is not automatic. Many preconfigured Widgets are available that you can easily include in your blog. This is a small set of functions that you can define and define to be added to your blog. Allows you to attach these widgets to your blog side bar, bottom bar, home page, or other areas of your blog.

NB: Available Widgets also differ by topic. Various designs offer extra Widgets that may not be available with the standard design. In order to administer a widget, go to Appearance > Widget in the upper right corner of your desktop. Simply move the widget by dragging and dropping to create, delete or modify the order.

Customizer is a web based tool for viewing every modification in your blog. With an easy-to-use user experience, you can customise various facets of your design and blog, from colours and layout to widgets, menu items and more. Soon you will be able to create your blog in the "Live" screen and see exactly what your reader will see.

Frontend dragging & dropping editors are still very innovative, but next year will be a very thrilling period for blog set-up and styling! You have several ways to see your blog at work. Your blog can be viewed via the editing screens. See your blog in action using the tools bar at the top of your blog dashboard.

See your blog on the My Account page. On the My Account page, click the Watch Life Blog icon. Launching a blog doesn't have to be difficult or complex. We can help you start your blog today. Read on to see how you can take your new blog to the next step and become a truly succesful one.

User-defined domains have an annual $15 or so value on avarage and are totally independent of your blog. This way, it's yours to do what you want instead of being bound to your own blogs. This shows your users (and your searching engines) that you are serious about your blog, enough not only to start a blog, but also to save your own name on the web.

When it is my blog, I always choose a user-definedomainname. Makes your blog wearable. When you choose to move from one blog hosting to another, simply take your blog contents AND your domainname with you. In this way, you will not loose the connections you have established over the years.

Without a domainname, you would loose all the "search engines rankings" and "link values" you have established so far - in a way, you would start over. Let's be frank... You really never did start a blog until you wrote your first one. Contributions are the most important contents of your blog.

You will be shown in reversed order on your homepage (or other list pages such as categories). Only use pages for contents that do not undergo much modification. The pages are for "non-blog" contents. Removing all your blog postings and leaving only the pages would give you a default statical website.

Think of the subject and how it applies to your entire blog subject. "Use subcategories to make your contributions skimable. Now you should have a fully functioning blog with your first posting. Now it' s getting to work! So what is your blog about? That is your alcove, your focal point, what you will blog the most.

It will power everything you post about and what you post on your blog. Be sure to select something you are avid for, because you will want to awaken every day and create top of the line material. Only select themes that are well-known money maker, whether you are interested in them or not.

They want to be sure that tens of millions (if not millions) of other individuals are sharing your excitement and interest in the subject and paying money for goods and/or service you have to sell from then on. If you' re not interested in making money with your blog, I assume that you at least want other folks to want to read it - yes?

We' ll use these to setup your category in your 6 below and then again for your menu and navigating your blog in 7 below. It may not be related to blogging, but it really is a good analogue. Using blog hosting, many are making serious errors when it comes to picking how and where to hosting their blog.

You can use free blogservices like Blogger and (not to be confused with free webhosting with the very much loved blogsoftware - which we use AND strongly recommend). Indeed, many use these free of charge facilities because they want to "test the water".

But there is a big risk of using free of charge service if you want to start a long-term blogging venture. Exactly as with hiring you can be "kicked out" of your free blog in the twinkling of an eye. Suppose you spent 6 month creating a blog with tonnes of awesome contents and a fan base of loyal people.

And then, one of these days, out of the blue, you notice that your blog has been cleanly messed up. If you create ranking to a free blog, you pay the mortgages of another in a way. On the other hand, you create ranking for something you don't own that can be erased at any moment without good cause.

Have you said that you want to earn money with your blog? If you use a free blogservice, you have to obey someone else's rule. You place any advertisement in your blog. You will shut down your blog if you say something you don't like or if you get too much of a traffic.

It doesn't show you how to blog, or help you with the technicians involved in blogs. For this reason, we never advise you to choose a "free" blogservice if you are serious about it. "Old School" webhosts are very cheap (less than $7 per months for essential services) and allow you to be the master of your own virtually "property" - but as the homeowner you are in charge of building, maintaining and repairing your home.

By learning how to start a blog and become an expert blogsman, you can create whatever you want and start your own company without having to keep an eye on the chance that someone will take your contents away in the morning. "If you' re not "technical" and don't want to care about all the design, maintain and care on your blog, be wise and go with a full-service blog hosting where someone else administers all the technical things so you can concentrate on blogging. BlogPress is a full feat of the game.

Not even the free of charge trainings and supports you get with BlogPress :). This is not a free design - these are extremely adaptable, professional designs that we will be glad to customise for you - try asking a local web hosting company to do it for you.

To all our clients we offer free trainings in WordPress and how to build a successfull blog. I have a very competent technical staff here to help ALL your blogs asking - not just keep your servers going - I invite you to ask any other hosters and ask them these questions:

Get going by signing up for a risk-free evaluation of BlogPress and start blogging today! It'?s now that you got your blog up and running... it' s getting to work. What do you do to go from "brand new, mostly empty blog" to "successful blog with great contents and lots of followers"?

Many of our members come to us all new, want to start a blog, but have no clue where to start or where to go from there. By the way... This workout is free of charge for all BlogPress customers! You' ve begun in the free "How To Start A Blog" guidebook above, but now it's your turn to turn up your sleeve and become a logging champion.

I' ve put my website to them and created my blog. Gain instant access to all the tools, training and unbelievable personal support you need to be successful! To start BlogPress with Blog, click the bottom one. Check out BlogPress for 14 days for free. Since there is no long-term agreement, you can terminate at any point and will never be charged again.

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